Pineapple juice processing complete sets of production lines

Pineapple is a famous tropical fruit. Because of its delicate flesh and unique flavor, it is very popular with people, so it is known as "tropical fruit king". Due to the short pineapple season, it needs to be processed into finished products for preservation, such as pineapple juice, concentrated pineapple juice, canned pineapple, frozen pineapple and other products. Pineapple processed products basically contain a lot of flesh, so the nutritional value is higher than apples. Smooth cayenne pineapple is mainly used for producing juice.
Pineapple juice processing

Pineapple juice processing equipment

Based on the patented equipment and the main equipment, our company designs and develops pineapple juice processing equipment with high automation and advanced technology. Compared with the traditional processing methods, this time-consuming and laborious process of pineapple peeling is saved, which saves a lot of labor. Besides, the short process route reduces the product of microorganisms in the processing of large-scale propagation hazards.
pineapple juice processing plant

Characteristics of pineapple juice processing equipment

  • Processing capacity can be customized according to customer's requirements.
  • Our equipment can be used to process the fruit with similar characteristics.
  • The use of a cold beating machine can effectively improve the yield of the juice.
  • It can realize the whole process of PLC control in the production process, save labor and facilitate the production management.
  • Concentrate in a vacuum at low temperature to maximize flavor and nutrients retention and save energy.
  • The essence recovery system can prevent the loss of fruit flavors.
  • Sterile tube sterilization and aseptic vat filling are used to produce high quality aseptic juice products.
  • Automatic CIP cleaning to ensure food hygiene and safety requirements of the entire line of equipment.

Raw materials and other requirements

  • Raw materials: Fresh pineapples
  • Finished products: Pineapple puree, pineapple juice, NFC or juice concentrate
  • Output: Depending on the requirements of customer
  • Juice rate: 50-75%
  • NFC solid content: 10-20 Brix
  • Concentrated juice solids content: 60-72 Brix
  • Finished packaging: Aseptic sack / roof bag / tetra pak / PET bottles
raw materials
  1. Fresh fruit should be fully ripe and should be harvested after the ripening period. The yield of concentrated juice depends on the processing technique of pineapple and also on the content of soluble solids.
  2. After cleaning, checking and cutting the fruit, the fruit juice is extracted by the cold pulping machine, and the pineapple juice with high flesh content can be obtained. The flesh content of the fruit can be adjusted according to the requirements of the product.
  3. The fruit juice yield is not less than 65%. The maximum proportion of pulp in the original juice is 20%, which can be adjusted to 8%-10%. This is a very economical way to produce advanced concentrated pineapple juice.
  4. Pasteurization of raw juice deactivates enzymes that cause browning and can be stored for a long time after cooling.
  5. Aroma concentrate recycled in pineapple juice concentrate can be added to the concentrated juice to improve the aroma of the juice. Our equipment can concentrate aromatic substances to 400-600 times.
  6. The pineapple juice concentrate is pasteurized and poured into 200 L bags of outsourced iron drums under aseptic conditions, which meets the highest quality requirements. Aseptic aluminum-plastic composite bags with filling valve are required. Aseptic packaging systems operate under the lower positive pressure of sterile air to prevent further contamination.
  7. It is recommended to use 10L synthetic cans to package aroma concentrates. Concentrated juice is stored at 15 ℃ below the low temperature as much as possible.