Juice Double Filter Instruction

The juice double filter is composed of two steel columns, with interior and exterior polishing. It is applicable to purifying solid impurities which are invisible to the naked eye in fruit juice, beverage and sugar liquid etc. The two filters are alternately used. The filter mesh can be replaced without stopping the machine, so it is suitable for continuous production. The material of the equipment is SS304. Both of the two cylinders’ inside and outside surface is polished. On the top of the filter, there is air vent valve which can bleed the air when the filter working.

juice double filter in factory

Juice Double Filter Features

  • Filters for inline installation.
  • Extremely large filter area.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Special highly efficient filter media.
  • Versatile applications.

joint filter machine structure
Characteristics of Juice Double Filter

  • The equipment is made of stainless steel and consists of two cylinders. The single-layer stainless steel welded structure has polished inner and outer surfaces and a venting valve at the top for deflation during operation. 
  • The pipe joint adopts a bulging connection. After the 0.3Mpa water pressure test, the three-way male screw plug is flexible to open and close. The device is compact in structure, easy to operate, and easy to maintain.
  • This filter adopts two three-way ball valves, and the two single-tube filters are assembled on a single stand. When the filter is cleaned, it is not necessary to stop and ensure continuous operation. It is the first choice for the filter device of a non-stop production line. The filter elements of the filter, in addition to the use of stainless steel filter elements, can also be made of high-quality honeycomb-type defatted fiber cotton, which can filter out particles with a particle size of 1μ or more. The filter can also be used in a single cylinder. At this time, only the common base is removed and the rest of the components are not changed.
  • The internal and external surfaces of the filter are polished. The filter barrel is equipped with a stainless steel filter and a filter support basket. The top is equipped with a bleeder valve to discharge the air in the filter during filtration. The connection mode between the cover and the filter cartridge adopts a quick-opening structure to facilitate the cleaning and replacement of the filter. Three adjustable feet allow the filter to rest on the ground. The pipeline connection adopts a moveable connection or clamp connection; the inlet and outlet valves adopt three-way ball valves to open and close, withstanding pressure and temperature, flexible and convenient operation, no liquid leakage, and more healthy.

Technical Parameters of Juice Double Filter

Model Filter area(㎡) Capacity(t) Outlet Diameter(mm) Filter Temp(℃) Pressure(Mpa)
JDF-5 0.15 5 32 ≤120 0.2
JDF-10 0.3 10 40 ≤120 0.2

juice double filter

Installation and Use of Juice Double Filter

  • When installing and using, attention should be paid to the protection of the control box, sensor, and transmission part to prevent damage.
  • Connect the pipes in the direction indicated by the arrows on the stainless steel filter body
  • When adjusting the electric part, please pay attention to the rotation direction of the motor to be consistent with the marked direction.
  • Installation should be considered for easy access, and bypass pipes should be installed
  • When installing, it should be considered that the sewage outlet is in the lower part to facilitate the discharge of debris.
  • The sewage pipe is connected to the sewage ditch, and the sewage pipe should not be too long.

Details of the Juice Double Filter

juice double filter details

Services From AGICO

  • Provide for equipment inspection certificate and manual, to ensure that users properly install and use.
  • The warranty period will be free to customers wearing accessories, after the warranty period, our company to provide parts at cost.
  • we provide lifelong maintenance service, including if necessary, sending engineers to the customer at the service.

Packaging and Shipping

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