Citrus Fruits Peel Essential Oil Extractor

Introduction of Citrus Fruits Essential Oil Extractor Machine

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The citrus fruit essential oil extractor machine is suitable for the skin-grinding oil of all kinds of citrus fruits, like orange, lemon, tangerine, tangerine, grapefruit, and other fruits.
Citrus fruits peel essential oil extraction machine adopts the principle of combination of rapid spin needle roller with feed conveyor, pierces the citrus oil bag effectively. It utilizes high pressure water washing the oil into the collecting tank, and then separates the oil from water in centrifuge. AGICO citrus fruits peel essential oil extraction machine uses the ALFA method technology and considers the varieties and characteristics of citrus.
citrus fruit essential oil extractor citrus fruit essential oil

The efficacy of citrus essential oil

Citrus oil has the effect of strengthening the body's muscle strength and strengthening the body's resistance. Because citrus oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and trace elements, minerals, and vitamins, it can supplement human nutrition, promote the body's immunity, promote the metabolism of brain cells, improve sleep, lower cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and coronary heart disease.
Prospect of citrus fruits peel essential oil extractor
With the development of society and improvement of living standards, the needs for orange oil is becoming more and more urgent, so the orange essential oil extraction machine has the huge potential in the market, it will be the key machine for the orange oil in the future.

Working principle

The citrus fruits essential oil extractor machine is mainly composed of stainless steel gears, gear shafts, spiral, grinding roller, inlet and outlet hopper, spray pipe, and oil collection tank. When working, the citrus fruits move along the toothed roller axis under the push of the screw shaft. The stainless steel needle drum rotates under the drive of the drive sprocket so that the fruit in the drum rolls 360 degrees and advances forward. During the scrolling process of the citrus, the stainless steel tooth needle pierces the oil cells, and the upper part of the roller is equipped with a stainless steel scraper, which pushes the citrus peel evenly to the discharge port at a low speed. Then use high-pressure water to wash off the orange oil, collect them in the stainless steel tank, and then enter the centrifuge separator to separate the oil, water, and pomace. It is widely used in oil grinding conditions of large citrus processing plants.
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Citrus fruits essential oil extractor features

  • High oil extracting rate, low waste.
  • All the processing parts are made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Can work either independently or combined with other fruit processing equipment.
  • The production is oil-water mixture, and need to be separated and refined in follow process.
  • Continuous oil grinding
  • To remove the oil from the surface of the orange quickly

The details of the citrus fruit essential oil extractor machine

citrus fruits essential oil extractor machine details  citrus fruits essential oil extractor machine details

Technical Parameters of Orange Essential Oil Extractor

Type Production capacity(t/h) Boundary dimension (mm) Motor power (kw)
TCM-1 3-5 3650*1100*1500 4.75
TCM-2 5-10 5000*2300*2000 9

The steps of essential oil extraction

Sorting and cleaning of citrus fruits

The essential oils in different citrus fruits have different properties. Do not mix different citrus fruits. Also, choose fresh citrus without mold and remove dirt and impurities with a water stream.

Extraction and separation of essential oils

The washed citrus fruits are transported to the essential oil extractor by a feed scraper. There are rotating rollers with needles that pierce the oil vacuoles on the surface of the citrus, and the essential oil oozes. The water sprayer then flushes the oil into the collector. After that, the oil and water are separated under the action of centrifugal force.

Refinement of essential oils

The isolated essential oil may still contain some water and peeled wax. They need to be further refined. The easiest way is to leave the crude essential oil at a temperature of 5-8 ° C for 5-6 days. This way, most of the remaining water will settle out and the peel wax will crystallize at low temperatures. Drain the water and wax from the bottom and you'll have a premium citrus essential oil.

Packaging and storage of essential oils

The terpenes in essential oils are easily oxidized in sunlight. Therefore, it must be packed in an airtight container and stored in a dark place.

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