Fruit Belt Press Filter

Fruit Belt Press Filter Introduction

fruit belt filter press is a key device that relates to the juicing rate in the production of fruit and vegetable juices. The equipment increases juicing rate of fruits by 20~35%, and the juicing rate is up to 75~80% (according to materials), reduce the cost of production and enhance the economic benefit.
Fruit Belt Press Filter   fruit belt press machine design

Belt Press Filter Application

Belt press filter is widely used for juicing berries, pome fruits and various vegetables.

Fruit Belt Press Filter Features

  • The machine is of large juicing force and high juicing rate, which adopts multistage folded roller pressurization and multistage pneumatic roller pressurization.
  • Automatic elastic conditioning systems, pneumatic control.
  • Automatic material feeding and discharging.
  • Energy saving, high automatic degree.
  • Convenient operation and maintenance.
  • Gravity dewatering zone matched with advanced distributor,making materials distribution and extending the use life of filter belt.
  • The material of filter belt is 100% polyester,meet the hygiene standard.
  • These device ensures the normal and safe operation of belt filter press.
  • Adopting high efficiency nozzle and cleaning mechanism to washing filter automatically.
  • Safety protecting device and full range of emergency stop device ensuring it's safe and reliable in operation.
  • This machine has a strong adaptability for fluctuations of the concentration of the material.
  • The roller are arranged scientific and orderly,getting better dewatering effect,large juice yield,high solid content of cake.
  • It adopts advanced technology device and reasonable structure,rigid structure,smooth operation and low noise,the parts which need manual operation has a low height,convenient to operate.
fruit juice belt filter press

Details of Fruit Belt Press Filter:

fruit belt press machine fruit belt press machine details

Belt Press Filter Technical Parameters
Model Capacity(T/H) Belt width(mm) Power(kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Air compression(MPa)
-03 3 800 21 4000*1800*2350 2500 0.7
-05 5 1200 21 4000*2000*2500 4200 0.7
-10 10 1750 22 5000*2500*2600 5800 0.7
-20 20 2500 38 5400*3300*2700 6600 0.7

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