Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Bottle Blow Molding Machine Introduction

Bottle blow molding machine is suitable for blowing different kinds of bottles in sharp, including carbonated water bottles, water bottles, juice bottles, oil bottles, wide-mouth, hot filling, cosmetic and other packing containers.
Bottle blow molding machine

Bottle Blow Molding Machine Features

  • It has lower rejection rate, higher production, and more stable performance with advanced PLC.
  • Fully automatic process with low investment, high efficiency, quick and safe operation.
  • According to special demand, adopt cross double crank pressed clamping, with strong clamping force. Mould open stroke can be adjustable according to the bottle size to save the time.
  • The air supply system consists of slight blow, high pressure blow, and low pressure actions, to supply enough air for different products.
  • Customer’s design.  

Bottle Blow Molding Process

Preform feeding → Preform heating → Mechanical stretching → blowing → Bottle outfeed.

Bottle Blow Molding Process Main Parameter

Model Capacity Volume Neck diameter Mould size
BBM-A1 1800-2000 pcs/h (depend on bottle size) 0.1-2 L 18-38 mm 370*240*320mm

Bottles blowing machine