Metal Can Filling Machine

Metal Can Filling Machine Introduction

Metal can filling machine is suitable for canned viscous fluid such as paste, sauce, jam, milk, honey, grease and product with short fiber or particles in cylindrical containers-aluminum or metal tins/cans. It consists of filling machine, tin seamer, synchronous conveying and PLC control system.

Metal Can Filling Machine Features

  • Piston volumetric and rotary filling style with 12 filling heads.
  • Automatic product pumping controller.
  • If applies for filling kinds of paste, high viscous materials and concentrated juice etc.
  • High running stability and precise filling station.
  • Equipment with material mixing system, it is three point’s liquid level controlling.
  • Automatic speed adjustment and made from high quality stainless, it has beautiful surface and confirms with foodstuff sanitation requirements.
Metal can filling machine