Classification and Application Selection of Juice Filling Machines


The application of filling machines can realize the high-volume production of food, medicine, and daily chemical enterprises, and then help enterprises achieve the purpose of high-speed production.

In the past, filling machines were not the first choice for food, medicine, and daily chemical enterprises, mainly because the past filling machines were not well developed, and there were many shortcomings, including high procurement costs, large and heavy equipment, difficult installation, high maintenance costs, and other problems.

However, the shortcomings of filling machines have now been replaced by advanced technology and new filling systems, and more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to and use filling machines, and they are beginning to realize the benefits that filling machines can bring to them. AGICO provides you with a variety of juice-filling machines, if you are interested, you can contact us. AGICO team will serve you wholeheartedly.
fruit juice filling machine
Filling machines play an important role in food, medicine, and daily chemical production enterprises. The selection and use of the right filling machine are directly related to the quality of the product and the efficiency of production, so it has become a topic that major manufacturers have to pay attention to.

Classification of liquid filling machines

Filling machine is a small category of products in packaging equipment, which refers to the equipment that automatically fills food, medicine, daily chemical products, and other products into containers and automatically controls the quantity.
From the perspective of packaging materials, it can be divided into liquid filling machines, paste filling machines, powder filling machines, granule filling machines, sauce filling machines, etc. This article focuses on the characteristics and scope of the application of juice-filling machines with various principles that are most widely used in the beverage industry.

Atmospheric Pressure Liquid Filling Machine

It is filled by the liquid weight under the condition that the cylinder pressure and atmospheric pressure of the filling machine are the same. This type of filling machine is divided into two types: timing filling and fixed volume filling, which is only suitable for filling low-viscosity and gas-free beverages such as milk, wine, water, etc. The advantages of this filling machine are simple structural principle, low equipment cost, and simple maintenance, but the quantitative way of the filling machine of this structure is relatively rough, and for some high value-added products, the filling loss is large. At present, this kind of filling machine is widely used in the general drinking water industry.
atmospheric pressure liquid filling machine

Pressure Juice Filling Machine

It is filled under the pressure of the filling machine cylinder higher than atmospheric pressure, which can also be divided into two types: one is that the pressure in the storage cylinder is equal to the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle by its weight, which is called isobaric filling, and the other is that the pressure in the storage cylinder is higher than the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle by pressure difference, and the high-speed production line mostly adopts this method. The pressure-filling machine is suitable for filling liquids containing gas, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne, etc.
pressure juice filling machine

Vacuum Juice Filling Machine

It is filled when the pressure in the bottle and the pressure of the filling machine cylinder are lower than atmospheric pressure. This kind of filling machine has a simple structure, high efficiency, and a wide range of adaptability to the viscosity of materials, such as oil, syrup, fruit wine, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice drinks, etc. Different vacuum levels can be designed according to the viscosity of the filling liquid to achieve the required filling speed. At the same time, the excess liquid can be pumped back into the cylinder through the vacuum tube on the filling valve during the filling process to achieve precise positioning. According to the technical level of different equipment manufacturing companies at home and abroad, the deviation of the liquid level line after filling can be controlled at 1-3mm, so that the liquid level line of the product looks consistent, which is conducive to the shape of the product on the shelf. 
vacuum juice filling machine

Flow Meter Juice Filling Machine

It refers to installing a high-precision electronic flowmeter on the pipeline of each filling valve to realize quantitative filling by measuring the volume of the filled liquid. The advantage of this filling machine is that the equipment structure is simple, there is no need to configure buffer cylinders for the equipment, the filling valve design is simple, the automatic cleaning is simple and thorough, and during the filling process, the filling valve will not contact the bottle mouth, so that it is clean and hygienic, and there is no risk of cross-contamination. For the adjustment of the filling volume, it is only necessary to modify the parameters without replacing any parts. This filling method is very suitable for filling liquids of various viscosities without gas. Because the filling accuracy is greatly improved, this filling machine is being widely used at home and abroad. However, limited by the performance of the flow meter itself, this filling machine cannot handle materials that are non-conductive or contain gas. Because non-conductive liquids cannot be measured by flow meters, such as edible oil, and liquids containing gases can cause measurement deviations, it is also difficult to use flow meter filling machines for filling. If you are only for filling juice, this filling machine is a good choice.
flow meter juice filling machine

Weighing Filling Machine

The weighing filling machine refers to the installation of a high-precision dynamic electronic scale at each filling position, and the quantitative filling is achieved by measuring the weight on the electronic scale. This filling method has the advantages of all flow meter filling machines, and the scope of application is also very wide. In addition, the filling accuracy of this filling method far exceeds that of any other filling method. At present, this kind of filling machine is being widely used by some companies that produce high-value-added products, and domestic and foreign packaging equipment manufacturing companies are also making every effort to develop this type of filling machine. However, due to the high technical requirements of this equipment and the expensive cost of components, the cost of its equipment is also higher than that of its type of filling machine, and for some small-scale factories, there are certain difficulties in equipment investment.
weighing filling machine

PET Bottle Filling Machine

PET bottle filling machine (also called hot filling machine) is a kind of 3-in-1 filling machinery, which integrates washing, filling, capping together, and is widely used for hot filling of PH<4.5 sensitive fluids such as milk, green tea, fruit and vegetable juices, and beverages in various types of PET bottles.
PET filling machine

Application selection of juice filling machine

Reasonable selection of filling machines is an important way to ensure product quality and improve economic benefits. Generally speaking, it should be closely linked to the actual production, and try to choose a filling machine with good quality, high efficiency, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, and wide application.

When choosing a juice-filling machine, the following principles should be followed:

  • The principle of serving the production process.
  • The principle of high productivity and good quality.
  • The principle of a high degree of automation
  • The principle of a wide range of processes.
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