Fruit Peeling and Squeezing Machine

Introduction Of Fruit Peeling Squeezing Machine

fruit peeling squeezing machine

Fruit peeling squeezing machine adopts international advanced technology and integrates the function of peeling, coring and slicing, can deal with fruit diameter of all grades. Special conical type screen structure which can improve the effective extraction rate about 2-3% more than the traditional turbo structure, and it widely applicable in citrus, pineapple, lemon and grapefruit.

fruit peeling

Fruit Peeling Machine Features

  • The cut knife can automatically change with the fruit shape, you can adjust the peeling thickness, and thus the fruit flesh losses less.
  • Compact structure, beautiful appearance and high juice yield.
  • Easy operation, high output, and almost completes peeling.
  • High peeling rate: above 98%, low waste.
  • No needing for step-by-step processing.
  • It can be designed according to the special requirements of users.
  • Contacted with the material is stainless steel, conforming to food hygienic standards.
fruit squeezing process

Working Principle of Fruit Peeling Squeezing Machine

When fruits enter the machine through the feed port, when the material is pushed by the screw, the volume of the spiral cavity is reduced, forming the squeezing of the material. The rotation direction of the spiral spindle is clockwise from the feed hopper to the slag trough. The raw material is added into the feed hopper and pressed under the push of the screw. The squeezed juice flows into the juice container at the bottom through the filter screen, while the waste is discharged through the annular gap formed between the screw and the tapered part of the pressure regulator. The movement of the pressure regulator along the axial direction can adjust the size of the gap. It is used to change the size of the gap, that is, to adjust the resistance of slag discharge, and to change the slag discharge rate. However, if the gap is too small, under strong extrusion, some of the particles of fruit residue and fruit juice will be squeezed out through the filter screen together. Although the juice output increases, the quality of the juice will decline relatively, The size of the gap shall be determined according to the specific process requirements of the user. So as to achieve the goal of automatic separation of fruit juice and fruit residue.

Technical Parameters

Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Size(mm)
3 8 1600*1200*1800
5 9 1800*1300*2200
10 11 2000*1350*2500

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