Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Introduction

The bottle labeling machine is used for pasting adhesive label on bottle or container of chemical, food and beverage etc. this machine is suitable for various kinds of bottle types, for example: round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, curved bottle and cup-shaped, etc. Sleeve label machine not only has a highly precise position for casting label, but also can withstand the perfect shape of the bottle after shrinkage.
Shirnk sleeve labeling machine

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Process

Put the product(which can be accessed)—Product transfer—Products minutes away—Product testing—Labeling—Cover marked—Collect the labeling products—Hot shrinking.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Features

  • Suitable for bottles in all shapes.
  • Speed: 80-200 per min(depend on label/bottle size).
  • Bottle diameter: 30 – 100 mm.
  • High degree of automation, saving manpower.
  • Automatic label control system can avoid missing label, mislabeling or relabeling.
  • High Stability of the mechanical structure. Whole framework of the overall use of stainless steel, solid and stainless.
  • Printing station is optional.
Shrink sleeve labeling machine fruit juice