Pomegranate juice production equipment still plays a decisive role

Pomegranate, as a fresh fruit, is more common in China and has now been further processed into a variety of products with a substantial increase in economic value. Among them, pomegranate drink is the most common, the industrial development is relatively complete, the impact of technology on the products is crucial.
Pomegranate seemingly ordinary but is regarded as a mascot in Chinese traditional culture, Which is more than a symbol of happiness.  In real life, pomegranate is rich in nutrients. Nuts, flesh and peel all have certain economic value. They are widely used in make-up, medicine and food industries.
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Pomegranate stimulates the development of deep processing industry

Pomegranate is intolerance to transport, which stimulates the development of deep processing industry. Pomegranate fruit is juicy, rich in sugar content, fresh food-based. But pomegranate is also very inconvenient to eat because the peel is tough and contains a large amount of pigment. At the same time, pomegranate harvest time is relatively concentrated. Although leathery peel wrap fruit, the storage performance is still poor. Deep processing is the best choice to reduce losses.

Currently, pomegranate fruit is generally used to process pomegranate drinks, pomegranate wine, and pomegranate jam, and can also be used to extract red pigment for use as a food additive. Among them, the most common pomegranate drink, the development is more mature. 
Analysis of the industry, pomegranate beverage production is generally divided into the following steps, pomegranate → sorting → cleaning → peeled diaphragms → beating and squeezing → separation and filtration → deployment → sterilization → filling → cooling → finished product. Production equipment and processes play a crucial role.
pomegranate juice processing line
In the pomegranate beverage production process, how to maintain the color of the fruit juice during the processing? How to master the appropriate sterilization temperature and time? How to adjust the acidity of beverage? Need to further study and improve.

Five major factors affect the production of pomegranate drink

  1. Cold treatment color protection in acidic conditions. The ideal way to maintain color is to add acid and then beaten to nucleus and then refiner. Too low color protection effect is not ideal, too high will affect the taste of the beverage deployment.
  2. Using degassing heterogeneous process. The degassing heterogeneous process can not only ensure the beverage's flesh, flavor and nutrients, but also reduce the oxidation rate, guarantee pomegranate fruit juice color.
  3. Controlling the proper sterilization temperature and time. In the process of the pomegranate fruit juice beverage production, sterilization temperature and time have little influence on color and flavor, mainly affect the taste and shelf life of beverages.
  4. Using the treatment prevention gel during the deployment phase. Stabilizer itself is a high hydrophilic polymer material, can protect the colloid to prevent gel precipitation. The effect of using a composite stabilizer is better than using a single stabilizer alone.
  5. The key to artificial peeling.
Pomegranate Juice Production Equipment

Summary: Pomegranate juice production technology is still decisive

As technology advances, more and more food producers are aware of the importance of mechanical equipment and process technology to the food industry. Food companies hope to improve production efficiency, ensure quality and hygiene by using food machinery and equipment.
As far as the production of pomegranate juice is concerned, the process is very clear and the technology is relatively mature. However, the precise control of each process design has a great impact on product quality. This requires special attention and should be improved.
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