5 Popular New Fruit Juice Products on the Market


Juice is regarded as the liquid form of fruits and vegetables because it remains most nutritious content of them. With people’s increasing attention to health, the market demand for fruit juice is expanding rapidly. More and more people choose nutritious drink rather than drink with good tastes. At present, the fruit juices sold on the markets are mainly orange, apple, pineapple and grape juice, while vegetable juice covers tomato, carrot, pumpkin juice and some mixed fruit and vegetable juice.
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In recent years, the juice processing industry in China is developing rapidly. By introducing advanced juice processing line from abroad, and adopting advanced technology like high-temperature short-time sterilization, aseptic packaging and membrane separation technology, our juice production achieves great development. Nowadays, the fruit processing industry presents several new trends.

NFC juice

NFC is the abbreviation of “Not From Concentrate”. It refer to the juice without concentration and reconstitution process. When the juice are extracted from fresh fruits, it is instantly sterilized and packaged into cans so as to preserve the original flavor. There are hot and cool filling two types. Cool filling is conducive to preserve the nutrition and tastes of original juice, while hot filling can extend the shelf life of juice. Most fresh juice on the market are reconstituted juice, made by adding water, sugar and preservatives to concentrated juice. Reconstituted juice is inferior than NFC juice in freshness and taste.

nfc juice

Mixed fruit juice

As analyzed by experts, mixed juice is going to be a new trend. It is growing rapidly in developed countries. In the global market, mixed juice has a great many of varieties, and pineapple and citrus juice mixed with vegetable juice are the most common categories. In China, mixed juice has some problems in package, brand, tastes, color and appearance, which still has a long way to go. As a high-end product variety, producers must transform the production mode of low cost, simple technology into strict quality control, exquisite package so as to gains more popularity and make higher profits.

Mixed fruit juice

Flower drink

In recent years, flower drink emerges as a new category in juice market. It is highly marketable in Europe, especially among women customers. Flower drink is attractive in color and fascinating in flavor, with the function of moisture skin, maintain beauty, refresh mind and improve eyesight.

Rose, sunflower and Linden Blossom are the most popular flower drink. Their growing process are free of fertilizers or chemical pesticides so as to avoid pollution. When blooming, they are picked manually and get dehydrated rapidly so as to maintain the original shape and flavor. This kind of flower drink can be mixed with boiled water or other fruit juice.

flower drink

Iodine-enriched juice

Iodine-enriched juice is a natural green food that compounds seaweeds extract and fruit juice. As we know, seaweeds are rich in sugar, mannitol, and many kinds of amino acid, microelement and vitamin essential to human body. Iodine-enriched fruit juice can not only supplement iodine but also reduce blood fat and soften vessels. Besides, it is effective in improving livers, heart and other main organs.

High-fiber drink

High-fiber drink is a emerging nutrition concept in food and health care products. When taken into human body, it can absorb the toxin content and harmful free radicals so as to accelerate their metabolism and prevent disease. Drinking some high-fiber juice can reduce the intake of food, thus helping lose weight and shape body. This is why high-fiber drink is more popular among women customers.

high-fiber drinks
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