How to make high quality pineapple juice?


How to buy a high quality pineapple?
Summer drinks made of pineapple, bitter gourd, and honey as raw materials, it can clear liver and detoxify, weaken melanin, make the skin white and bright.

Three kinds of pineapple juice

Pineapple bitter gourd juice

Pineapple bitter gourd juice
  • Raw materials: A pineapple, a bitter gourd, a little honey.
  • Effect: Clearing liver and detoxify, weakening melanin, making the skin white and bright.

Making m​ethod of pineapple bitter gourd juice

  1. Pineapples peeled cut into pieces, first put into the juicer. 
  2. Wash the skin of bitter gourd thoroughly, carefully remove the seeds in the middle, cut into pieces, put into juicer. Squeeze juice. 
  3. After the juice is filtered, the honey is added to the juice.

Summer feel inexplicable tired? Drinking a cup of pineapple bitter gourd juice will definitely prevent you from being lazy. The magic is that drinking bitter gourd or pineapple juice will make it difficult to enter, but after mixing the two, the taste is harmonious. There are more pineapples than the usual juice store, because it can eliminate fatigue and break down fat. Needless to say, ladies and gentlemen must know the curative effect of bitter melon, that is clearing liver and detoxify, reducing fire and summer heat, weakening melanin, making the skin white and bright. These are closely related to beauty. Pineapple bitter gourd juice is necessary.

Orange pineapple juice

Orange pineapple juice
  • Cuisine and efficacy: Fashion drink
  • Main materials: 100 g pineapples, an orange, 5 g celery, half a tomato.
  • Vice materials: One-third of a lemon, 1 teaspoon honey.
  • Features of orange pineapple juice: This product is a juice that vitamin A is very rich in content. It can improve the metabolism of the skin and enhance the skin's resistance to stimulation and bacteria, and also can smooth the blood circulation and prevent skin aging. 

How to make orange pineapple juice delicious?

Remove the orange peel, pineapple peel and core, tomato pedicle, lemon peel. Cut into proper size, put into juicer. Then adding honey according to personal preference.

Tomato pineapple juice

Tomato pineapple juice

Tomatoes contain mainly citric acid, malic acid, protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, tomatine, carotenoids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, etc. Taste is sour and sweet, nature is neutral, function is cooling blood, fluid, digestion. Tomato also contains pectin, which has intestinal function and is very effective in treating constipation. In addition, eat tomatoes every day inhibit bleeding teeth, maintain beauty and keep young.

Making method of tomato pineapple juice

  1. The tomato is cut into a spare part.
  2. Put the slices of tomato and pineapple into the juicer.
  3. Pour sugar into the juicer.
  4. Pour the water into the juicer and stir it together. Later, filter the juice into the cup. 

How to buy a high quality pineapple?

buy a high quality pineapple
  • See the appearance of shape. The fruit of high-quality pineapple is cylindrical or slightly oval, uniform size, fruit-shaped, fewer buds. Maturity of the pineapple epidermis is light yellow or bright yellow, slightly greenish at both ends. Raw pineapple skin color is irony or slightly brown.
  • See the pulp tissue.
  • See the fruit firmness. Gently press the pineapple with hands, hard and inelastic is raw pineapple, solid and soft is pretty good maturity, a juice overflow indicates that the fruit has deteriorated.
  • Sniff its aroma. The maturity of pineapple can be determined by the concentration of aroma. Ripe pineapple skin smell a little smell, while the flesh is fragrant. Very fragrant is overmature fruit, that is perishable. Most of the unscented fruit is raw picking fruit, the sugar content is obviously insufficient and the food is tasteless.

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