The simple process of making orange juice

We all know that orange has good amounts of vitamin C, and it’s healthy for people to eat orange, but with the development of science and technology, and the society gets on a fair treat, more and more people begin to drink orange juice, and there is also a kind of orange juice concentrate, orange juice means unfermented juice obtained from mature oranges of the species Citrus sinensis or of the citrus hybrid commonly called Ambersweet. Before drinking flavourous orange juice, you must process the orange into orange juice. Let’s look at the process of making orange juice together.

Selecting appropriate orange and cleaning it

Select suitable orange
Generally, oranges are harvested from large groves. Some of them are sent to large packing centers for sale as whole fruit, while others are sent to plants for juice processing, and the first step to process orange juice is to select appropriate orange. The orange used to process into juice must be satiation and big, to make sure there is much of juice can be squeezed. After inspecting the oranges, the certified ones are transported into a conveyor belt to be washed with fruit washing machine in big plant and just washed by hand at home.
washing and granding of orange


When selecting and washing the proper oranges, the quality pieces are segregated by size automatically prior to extraction. And it is critical to have proper size for the extraction process. To optimize the efficiency of the juice processing procedures as well as the quality of the finished orange juice, it is important to have a proper juice extractor. There are two kinds of juice extraction. One is a little big for plant to process orange juice, just like Spiral Juice Extractor in AGICO, the other one is relatively small for home use. No matter any kind of juice extractor, the principle is almost the same, through squeezing the orange to press juice; generally, there are some blades in the juice extractor and in big plant, they usually use automated extraction, but at home, people usually use juice extractor with electricity or just by hand. It is very important to choose juice extractors from different kinds of them. You can choose the most suitable one according to your requirements.
Two kinds of juice extractor

Put into the container

If you want to process some orange juice to drink for your family, it is enough to select, clean and cut oranges, and then extract it into juice. But if you have a plant, the orange juice is intended for a reconstituted beverage; it must be chilled or concentrated. Whatever which conditions, the last step of processing orange juice is to put into the container. The only difference is the container, at home, you can use any container only can drink it, but in a plant, you should make some bottles to fill the orange juice.


Here is just the simple introduction of processing orange juice, you can as reference according to the real situation, in AGICO, we have kinds of machinery for processing of all kinds of fruit juice, we sincerely welcome customers to come to our company and have a pleasant cooperation.