Some Issues about Spiral Juice Extractor



With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living conditions, it is understandable for people to pursue of high-quality life. Apart from eating fruits, more and more people begin to drink fruit juice which has higher nutritional value. So fruit juice processing industry comes into a new historic developing period. On this occasion, spiral juice extractor for fruit is becoming very popular for making nutritional fruit juice.  And spiral juice extractor is convenient to operate and easy to clean.

What is spiral juice extractor?

spiral juice extractor processes fruit into juice
In daily life, spiral juice extractor is not only the common food mechanical equipment, but also supplies the requirements of juicing for some enterprises and catering industry in an effective and sanitary way. It not only can be combined with production line but also can as a single machine production to process fresh juice. Spiral juice extractor is used to extract fantastic and fresh juice not only from fruits such as apple, pear, peach, orange, pineapple and grape etc. but also from vegetables like carrot, tomato, ginger and celery etc. In addition, spiral juice extractor can extract berries after they are crushed and pre-boiled.  
spiral juice extractor machine detail of spiral juice extractor
spiral of spiral juice extractor filter screen of spiral juice extractor

Components and working principle of spiral juice extractor

Just like other machineries, spiral juice extractor is composed of several important parts. And the simple structure of spiral juice extractor is shown in the following figure:
structure of spiral juice extractor
Just as shown in the figure, the main components of spiral juice extractor consist of motor, triangular belt, feed hopper, spiral, filter screen, juice container, reducer and coupling etc. And the working principle is as follows: the motor drives the reducer transmission through the triangular belt, when raw material is added into the feed hopper, they are propelled by the spiral, then the pressure makes the raw material to be extracted into juice, next, the finished juice will flow into the juice container through the filter screen, simultaneously, the residues are pushed out of the circular gap. The circular gap can be adjusted by the movement towards the axial direction In order to adjust the juice extracting rate.
3 d structure drawing of spiral juice extractor

Announcements of spiral juice extractor

  • Generally speaking, we know there are many manufacturers and suppliers of spiral juice extractor, so the specification is different from each other. But most of the materials which can be touched with fruit raw materials of spiral juice extractor adopt the high quality stainless steel. And most of the packing form is wooden case.
  • When using the spiral juice extractor, there is a critical aspect should be pay attention to. It is that the size of the circular gap should be the proper in accordance with the special requirements.
  • When put the raw material into the feeding hopper, they must be put evenly, and at the same time, the raw material must be pretreated, for example, raw material has been washed and enucleated. And make sure there are not any dopants.
  • Each time after the spiral juice extractor works, it should be cleaned overall. And the filter should be cleaned with water and brush after every shift of work.

How to choose proper spiral juice extractor?

According to the introduction of spiral juice extractor, when choosing proper spiral extractor, the most important thing is to choose the one which conform to your requirements because of the different specifications, then pay attention to the juicing rate, but fundamentally speaking, spiral juice extractor is easy to operate and clean, so when you choose suitable spiral juice extractor just consider your production capacity and the power of motor. As stated, suitable is the best. And with the wide use of spiral juice extractor which has the outstanding advantages of high juicing rate and widely application in the fruit juice processing line, easy to operate, it bound to become the most popular equipment in the juice processing industry. Our company exactly offers the spiral juice extractor for the customers, and welcome to enquire machineries you are concerned; our staff will answer your questions warmly.