Significance of developing fruit and vegetable juice processing industry


Current situation of fruit and vegetable juice processing industry in China

In China, especially in south, there are abundant kinds of fruits. And all over China, vegetables are rich in resources. Up to the end of 2010, the annual output of fruit reached seventy million tons, and for vegetable the quantity reached up to five hundred million tons, which are also the first puller all over the world. And the fruit and vegetable juice processing industry ranks only second to the food crop in the agricultural industry.
Because of the large quantity of fruit and vegetable, it is possible to develop the fruit and vegetable processing industry, and the most common one is to make fruit and vegetable juice. The raw materials are continuous. So as a newly rising industry, fruit and vegetable juice processing industry becomes more and more popular, it is especially for the farmers, who just know to sell the fruit and vegetable, rather than process into some other products which have higher nutritional value. In this case, some enterprises involve to the fruit and vegetable juice processing industry, by which can improve the income of farmers. And by supplying kinds of machinery for processing of fruit and vegetable juice is also supported by our country.
It can be seen that positively develop fruit and vegetable processing industry, not only can improve the additional value after producing to enhance the capacity to earn foreign exchange through export, but also can drive rapid development of other related industries which can increase job opportunities and promote the healthy and sustainable development of social and economy. So AGICO is such a company supplies various of machinery for processing fruit and vegetable into juice with high quality and low cost. And all of our stuff work hard to offer the best machinery for our customers. We sincerely hope to enter into business relations with you.

Developing tendency of foreign furit and vegetable processing industry

The developed countries increasingly pay more attention to fruit and vegetable processing industry, and the developing tendency mainly contains some aspects as follows:
  • The level of industrialized operation is higher. They have already realized the integrated management for producing, processing and selling. They have the characteristics of customization for processing variety, standardization for quality system, scientification for production management and informatization for manage.
  • The processing technique and equipments are becoming more and more advanced. For the past few years, there are some techniques are commonly used in the fruit and vegetable processing industry, such as biotechnology, membrane separation technique, sterilization technology, vacuum concentration technology, asepsis storage and package technique and etc. Among these, it is rapidly adopted the advanced filling and packaging technology and equipment and pulping technique and equipments in America, France, Germany, Sweden and England, etc.  Above which obviously improve the production capacity of fruit and vegetable.
  • The variety of highly processed products is increasing continuously. There are more and more highly processed products of fruit and vegetable with high and steady quality and continuously quantity which can meet the different requirements for different consumption. The most prominent product is fruit and vegetable juice, the demand is urgent with the improvement of our living conditions, so we are proud of seeing through clearly that the future of fruit and vegetable juice processing industry is bright not only at home but also abroad. If you exactly have the demand of machinery for fruit and vegetable juice, welcome to contact with AGICO, professional supplier of fruit and vegetable juice processing line and machinery.
  • The resource utilization is becoming more and more reasonable.There are many wastes during the process of fruit and vegetable, such as the peel, core and stem etc. in the past, the waste was just thrown away, but now, how to exploit the waste and to utilize them becomes a new subject. And more and more professional machineries are disappeared. They can deal with the wastes into some useful by-products or things for other applications. For example, in American, the wasted peels of orange can be processed by citrus fruits essential oil extractor to obtain essential oil.
  • The standard system and quality control system of products are more and more complete. Developed countries pay more attention to the safety of food. They have strict product standard system and quality control system, generally, they have passed the ISO-9000 certification. The safety and sanitation is paid more and more attention.