Questions about Fruit Juice Processing Machinery

Does the complete line suitable for pressing all kinds of fruits?
No, adopting different pre-treatment equipment according to different characters of fruits, but the later processes is the same.

What services your company can offer?
We specialize in providing complete turnkey solutions right from design consultancy to the final commissioning of the plants.

What are the primary products of your company?
Our products are mainly containing two complete production lines: fruit juice production line and plant protein beverage production line. What’s more, we offer several of machinery.

What machinery can your company offers?
We have seven systems, namely: Pretreatment System, it mainly contains rotary fruit washing machine, bucket elevator, fruit sorter, flocculator, and drying machine. Second is Pulping System, and this system mainly has fruit stonce extractor, crusher, calandria preheater, stream jacketed kettle, belt filter press, spiral juice extractor. Next one is Blending and Clarifying System, disc centrifuge, duplex filter, ultrafiltration, stainless steel tanks, homogenizer, colloid mill machine are necessary. Concentrating System and vacuum degasser, falling film evaporator is the fourth procedure. Then Sterilizing System and its plate uht sterilizer, tube-in-tube sterilizer, continuous spraying sterilizer, sterilizing kettle is also important. At last, we come into the Filling and Packing System, consists of bottle unscrambler, bottle blow molding machine, pet bottle filling machine, shrink sleeve labeling machine, aseptic bag filling machine, metal can filling machine and case packer machine. And we also need CIP system.

What about your after-sale service?
Our company offers excellent after-sale service for all our products; we offer installation guides, technical trainings and device debugging, etc.