Classification of Beverage and Benefits of Fruit & Vegetable Juice


The classification of the beverage

Generally speaking, beverage contains two kinds, one is with alcohol, and the other is without alcohol which is also called soft drinks. According to the GB10789 <General Standard of Beverage> in China, the beverage can be divided into mainly seven categories as the following:
  • Carbonated beverage. It refers to the beverage which is combined carbon dioxide and different kinds of spice, water, syrup and pigment under certain contains to form the bubble, such as cola, aerated water and etc.
    carbonated beverage
  • Fruit and vegetable juice. This commonly means utilizing the fruits and vegetables as the raw materials, after a series of processing procedures, like washing, pulping, crushing, extracting, blending and clarifying, concentrating, sterilizing, filling and packing, etc.. Then add the sugar, sour, essence and etc. and finally get the fruit and vegetable juice. Generally, the juice contains 100% pure fruit and vegetable juice, concentrated fruit and vegetable juice and fruit squash, etc. whatever, the content of fruit and vegetable juice must be higher than 5%.
    fruit and vegetable juice
  • Protein beverage. A kind of beverage which uses dairy products, some fruits, seeds, etc. which contains certain protein level as the raw materials, by processing to get the beverage, such as milk beverage, plant protein beverage and mixed protein containing drink.
    protein beverage
  • Drinking water. Refers to the water which is sealed in the containers and can be drunk directly, like drinking natural mineral water, drinking natural spring water, purified water for drinking, etc.
    drinking water
  • Tea drinks. All kinds of green tea, black tea, scented tea, oolong, herbal tea and iced tea, etc. Some of them have the lemon.
    tea drink
  • Coffee beverage. Generally means processing the raw materials such as instant coffee powder into beverage. And simply speaking, the entire coffee contained beverage is coffee beverage.
  • Beverage for special purpose. By adjusting the ingredient and content of beverage, or adding some specific functional component to accommodate some special needs. Just as functional drink, sports beverage, energy beverage and etc.
    beverage for special purpose

Benefits of fruit and vegetable juice

The juice made by fresh fruits and vegetables contains abundance of vitamin and mineral substance, during the process of making juice, the cellulose of fruits and vegetables can be cut smaller by the blender, at the moment, some tiny nutritional ingredients will change into the status of absorption by our body, thus, it is much easier for digestion than eating fruits and vegetables directly. So for a long time of drinking fruit and vegetable juice can make people more active, stronger immunity and better skin. And the detailed benefits of fruits and vegetables juice are as follows:
  • Raw materials are fresh and of high quality. The raw materials can be guaranteed the best of high quality and freshness. What’s more, there is no additive in fruit and vegetable juice and the damage for vitamin C is fewer.
  • Fruit and vegetable juice can help the regeneration of cells to prevent the physical aging. This is because in fruit and vegetable juice there are abundance of natural plant ingredient which has active effect in the split and birth of cells, additionally, fruit and vegetable juice also supplies some other nutrients that are necessary for our body. All above these are the main reasons.
  • The vitamin and mineral substance in fruit and vegetable juice has the function of detoxification. We will keep healthy only if the metabolism of cells is normal. Or else once different kinds of poison immerse our body, the cells will be transformative or destroyed, and can obstruct the normal metabolism of cells. While if you drink fruit and vegetable juice for a long time, the substances such as vitamin and mineral etc. can decompose  and eliminate toxins from the body, so you can find that your pee becomes more clear after two or three days. So drinking fruit and vegetable juice for a long time not only can improve our body’s resistance, but also can make our brain more active.
  • Fruit and vegetable juice can protect the body from some diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Fruit and vegetable juice contains generous amounts of nutritional ingredients which can prevent loss of memory. It is reported that the chance for Alzheimer’s disease is much lower for the people who drink fruit and vegetable juice three cups every day. And such vegetables as cabbage and broccoli contain the natural substance and anti-cancer compounds, combined the ingredients in the fruits, both can inhibit cancer cells, especially for the breast cancer.  
  • Fruit and vegetable juice can help to lose weight. Fruit and vegetable juice has lower energy because of fewer carbohydrates, so don’t worry about the trouble of getting fat if you like drinking fruit and vegetable juice and drink more than the Carbonated beverage. Drinking fruit and vegetable juice can absorb nutrient substance which not only has abundant cellulose, but also quickly supplies vitamin and inorganic mineral which are easy to lose during the process of losing weight, but simultaneously, they are necessary for the nerve, muscle function and the energy we use to live.
  • Fruit and vegetable juice can clean your intestines and stomach. As we all know, digestive system is important because it is the place that provides motives and maintains functions for all the organs among which intestines are the most important organ. Drinking fruit and vegetable juice is effective in promoting peristalsis of intestines and can solve constipation.
All in a word, fruit and vegetable juice is the fashion tendency, so the fruit juice processing line becomes more and more popular, and our company can offer the fruit juice complete line and some necessary machinery, welcome to contact us.