The 5 most popular types of drinks in the market


Beverage or drink is specially processed liquids for people to drink, serving to quench people’s thirst, supplement nutrition and refreshing. It covers a wide range of products, including fruit juice, soda and other beverage categories.

In today’s world, tea, cocoa and coffee are known as the 3 types of non-alcohol beverage in the world. They own distinctive properties: cocoa is exciting, coffee is intense in flavor, and tea is fresh and natural. They all have numerous fans around the world.

3 types of non-alcohol beverage

When it comes to the beverage market, the 5 most popular drinks are fruit juice, Sodas, tea drinks, milk Beverage and energy drinks. With various taste and ingredients, they meet different demands of customers. Meanwhile, there are new drink categories emerging continuously to enrich the products scope.

different types of fruit drinks

Fruit juice beverage

Fruit juice drinks are liquid product made from fruit materials through squeezing, centrifugation and extracting. Fruit juice drinks can be further classified into fruit juice, fruit pulp, concentrated fruit juice, fruit flesh beverage, fruit vegetable juice and fruit beverage, etc. Most of them are made by pulping fruits and adding water to concentrated fruit pulps, so as to become liquids with the same color, tastes, and soluble content as fruits.

Fruit juice beverage is seen as a wholesome drink for it contains many kinds of nutrition like vitamins. But the lack of fibers and excessive sugar make it imperfect. According to the appearance of fruit juice, it can be classified into clear and cloudy juice. Common fruit juice drinks are apple juice, grape fruit juice, kiwi fruit juice, mango juice, pear juice, watermelon juice, grape juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, coconut juice, lemon juice, cantaloupe juice, strawberry juice and papaya juice.

fruit juice beverage

Sodas / Carbonated drinks

Sodas are beverages added with carbon dioxide. They are processed under special condition. The main contents in sodas are carbonated water, citric acid, sugar, spice, caffeine and artificial colors. Sodas almost contain no nutrients except sugar that can supplement energy to human body. Also, sodas can be categorized into fruit juice type, cola type and low-calories type.

Tea Drinks

Tea drinks are made from tea extract, power and concentrated liquor. They have the distinctive flavor of tea, with useful content like tea polyphenols, caffeine and so on. It can not only quench your thirst and refresh your body, but also supplement nutrition and improve health. Tea drinks, also called tea soup, can be classified into red tea, green tea, Oolong tea, scented tea and other tea beverages.

tea drinks

Milk beverage

Milk beverage, or lactobacillus beverage adopts diary products as raw materials. By adding water, sugar or sweetener, acidity and one or two additives like fruit juice, tea, coffee, and plant extract to lactobacillus fermented milk, we can make milk beverages of different property and tastes. According to whether they are sterilized or not, milk beverages can be classified into 2 types.

Energy Drinks

With adjusted proportion of nutrition contents, energy drinks can regulate the function of human body. It contains the similar electrolytes as body fluid, such as Potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, which can be absorbed easily by human body. Energy drink is able to supplement the water and salt lost during exercise and sweating, so as to keep the body fluid in balance.

energy drinks
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