Orange juice review: 41 brands from 30 countries


Fruit juice has become one of the most popular food around the world. With so many categories and brands cramming the market, customers are easy to get confused. Which kind of juice is more tasty? Which is healthier? Which brand has the best cost performance? To work out these questions, our team carried out a comprehensive orange juice review. We piked up 41 orange juice brands from 30 countries. Having analyzed their advantages and weakness, we selected the most impressive products and conclude a buyer’s guide on choosing fruit juice.

This map show where our orange juice is from
orange juice brands from 30 countries

To start with, we need clarify the categories of fruit juice. It may baffle many people to distinguish different types of juice. To make a long story short, we only introduce the most common categories.

100% fruit juice

When you catch sight of fruit juice labeled with 100%, it is most likely to be reconstituted juice. It is produced by adding water to concentrated juice, without any other additives. 100% fruit juice is also known as pure fruit juice, one of the most healthy juice products. You may wonder why juice added with water can be called 100%. As a matter of fact, adding water aims to restore the concentrated juice to its primary condition. As we all know, fresh fruits contains large quantity of water, which is lost during concentration process.

NFC fruit juice

NFC means not from concentrate, which is contrary to reconstituted juice. NFC juice doesn’t have to remove water when they are extracted, instead, they are stored under the temperature of -18℃, where microbe activities are inhibited. NFC juice can be preserved under this condition for one year, even unfroze juice have to be kept in cold-chain logistics. Its store life is only 28 days, so NFC juice is more expensive than other juice products.

Juice beverage

Based on the pure juice content, juice beverage can be divided into 26-99%, 10-25% and 5-10%. The higher pure juice content, the more nutrients it has.

Advice on choosing fruit juice

The above are 3 major categories of fruit juice. To pick up high quality fruit juice, you should bear this in mind. The nutrition value declines from fresh fruit juice, NFC juice, pure fruit juice to juice beverage. If you are careful enough, you can refer to the ingredient list, the less contents except water and juice, the better. Expiration date is another reference. Shorter shelf life means less preservatives.

Orange juice Reviews

To carry out this test, we gathered 8 colleagues and spent an afternoon to drink off 41 bottles of fruit juice. According to their color, concentration, sweetness, acidity and bitterness, we grade them and pick out the most impressive ones. The following are orange juice reviews.
41 orange juice brand review

The most stylish fruit juice

Harbou 100% pure citrus juice

harbou 100% citrus juice
Ingredient: pure pressed citrus juice
Production place: German
Category: fresh juice, NFC juice
review: As a NFC fresh fruit juice, it is labeled on bottle that every 100ml is made of 3kg ripe oranges. The guarantee period is 6 months. It must be finished off within 3 days once opened. The color is a little lighter, the same as freshly squeezed juice, with small citrus particles. The sour and sweet taste is nature, and bitterness is complicated. Though it is not as fresh as citrus, it is perfect in all other aspects.

Langers orange juice

Ingredient: water and concentrated juice
Production place: America
Category: 100% reconstituted juice
review: Thick color. It tastes sour, sweet and a little bitter. The bitterness may be a little strong for many people, but it doesn’t flaw the orange juice quality. On the contrary, it’s a property of authentic orange juice, for citrus fruit contains limonin. America orange juice features distinct bitterness, but it still wins people’s favor.

The mos healthy fruit juice

Square Zero fruit juice

Ingredient: fresh squeezed juice, orange flesh
Production place: Taiwan
review: This product is promoted as real NFC juice. It has 28-day shelf life, shortest among all the products we have tested. Besides, the storage, transportation, and sales process must be taken under cold chain management. Without any water, essence, pectin, preservative or edible acid, it can preserve the nutrition and taste of fresh orange as much as possible.

The lightest taste

Lotte pulp particle drink

Production place: Korean
Price: ¥5
review: It has been a hot sale juice beverage in recent years, particularly designed for girls. The color looks light and nearly transparent. The taste is soft, with little sour, sweet and bitter taste. It is worth mentioning that the orange pulp particle is plump.

The bitterest orange juice

Agros 100% orange juice

Ingredient: water, reconstituted juice
Place: Greece
Price: ¥14.8
review: for those who like bitter citrus juice, we recommend you by it from Greece, Turkey and America. As for this product, it looks normal, but tastes much bitter than grapefruit peel! It is so thick that you can hardly feel other taste.

The sweetest orange juice

Tipco 100% juice

Ingredient: pure orange juice
Place: Thailand
Price: ¥19.8
review: this orange juice is special in its color, not orange but red. In terms of taste, extremely sweet, with no sour at all. It is so sweet greasy that even not like orange juice.

The sourest orange juice

Santal 100% orange juice

Ingredient: water, reconstituted orange juice
Place: Italy
review: this drink tastes sour at first, then comes bitterness, with a little astringency. The sour is overwhelming, like vinegar to the teeth. You may wonder if they squeeze orange together with peels and leaves.

The most terrible taste

Sonrisa orange juice drink

Ingredient: water, reconstituted orange juice, corn syrup, citric acid
Place: Moscow
review: my god! What a weird drink! It is full of plastic and saccharin taste. It is not like citrus drink at all, event the color is abnormal. You wouldn’t like to drink once you tongue touches it.

The highest cost performance

Dole 100% juice

Ingredient: water, concentrated juice
Place: Guangdong, China
review: To be frank, having drunk so many types of foreign products, Dole is still my favorite. Not only because it is a common native brand and I have been used to it, but also for its taste, color and design. The sour and sweet tastes are moderate, and the bitterness is thicket than its competitors. What’s more, the price is favorable!

The most peculiar fruit juice

Golden circle classic orange juice

Ingredient: 99.9%orange juice, vitamin C
Place: Australia
Price: ¥20.8
review: Refreshing as the bottle looks, don’t be deceived by this, the taste is so peculiar as if you are drinking soap water. Such taste may come from the vitamin C it contains.

The yummiest orange juice

Cyprina orange juice

Ciprina orange juice
Ingredient: water, concentrated juice
Place: Cyprus
Category: reconstituted juice
Price: ¥16.5
review: Cyprus orange juice is popular in China in recent year. With more than 320 sunny days in a year, it an excellent place for growing fruits. Although most drinks from this country like fontana are too sweet, this type is balanced in sweetness, sour and bitterness. All our 8 members spontaneously voted for Cyprina .

After more than 40 rounds of tests, our tongues have fallen asleep. But finally, we have picked out the most delicious drink. These drinks are designed for different customers. Our reviews are rather subjective, it cannot represent the attitude of all people. Besides, our orange juice reviews only cover a small part of fruit juice market. If you know more yummy or peculiar fruit juice, welcome to contact us for share.

orange juice brand

Last but not least, if you have any requirement for making fruit juice, don’t hesitate to send inquiry to us. AGICO is a professional fruit juice equipment supplier in China. We are experienced in providing all-round service.

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