Things you need to know before drinking fruit juice


When is the best time to drink fruit juice? How to drink fruit juice?

The best time to drink fruit juice is between 2 meals or half hour before meals. Fruit juice is rich in many kinds of organic acid, aromatic substance and enzymes. As it can stimulate appetite and facilitate digestion, it usually serves as the appetizer before breakfast. For this purpose, it is recommended to drink small amount of fruit juice and savor it slowly. According to the Breakfast Plan of American School, a portion of fruit and vegetable or half cup of pure fruit and vegetable juice is compulsory. This proves the importance officials attach to drinking fruit juice.

When drinking fruit juice between meals, it plays the role of supplement nutrition rather than appetizing. Fruit is abundant in micro element and inorganic salt such as Potassium, iron, selenium and chromium, as well as vitamin C, carotene and multiple of antioxidant components. Besides, drinking fruit juice is conducive to the absorption of iron in food. Generally, the iron absorptivity in grains like rice and bread are rather low, but if they are taken in together with fruit juice containing vitamin C, the iron absorption rate can reach up to 3-6 times, which is a substantial nutrition value.

drink fruit juice

Should we add sugar to fresh fruit juice?

It is not recommended to add water to fresh fruit juice. Fruit juice is regarded as low-calorie food, which contains less than 50 kilo calorie in every hectogram. Adding water can cause the calorie to increase, and influence the food intake of meals. In this way it lose the function of appetizing. In terms of infants, it especially improper to add sugar to their fruit juice, for it may give rise to their reliance on sweet food. What’s more, heating can destroy the fruit flavor and some nutrition especially vitamin C, so heating is not a right way to deal with fruit juice.

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Is fruit juice suitable for you?

Generally speaking, fruit juice applies to people of all ages, from newborn infants to the oldest old. In particular, fruit juice is a requisite accessory food for babies at the age of 3 month to supplement vitamin C. However, fruit juice is unfit for people suffering from ulcer and enterogastritis. Some health people may get bloating and diarrhea after drinking fruit juice. This is caused by the undigested carbohydrate. As for people with renal disease, they may have hands and feed swelling in the morning if they drank fruit juice the night before.

Don't take medicine with aid of fruit juice

It’s not scientific to use fruit juice to take medicine. Because fruit juice usually contains vitamin C and tartaric acid, which will dissolve the medicine and make them break down, thus impair the efficacy. Some medicine has more side effect in acid environment and has bad impact on human body. The medicines used for children’s fever, such as indometacin, analginum and APC, have stimulating effect on stomach. They will double the effect in acid environment, and can destroy gastric mucosa, cause stomachache or even gastric mucosal hemorrhage.

don't take medicine with fruit juice

Smocking while drinking fruit juice is more harmful

Medical specialist recommend not to drink fruit juice containing vitamin C when you are smoking. This may generate harmful substance within your body.

Vitamin C is generally regarded as oxidation resisting. It can build up our resistance and prevent the harm of smoking. But a joint study group of Israel Institute of Technology and Laban Hospital found that smoking can causes vitamin C denaturation and become harmful substance. So they recommend not to drink fruit juice or take vitamin C when you are smocking.

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Finally, it is well known that drinking fruit juice is beneficial to our body, but wrong habits can result to the opposite side. It really matters to know the right way to drink fruit juice, as well as the taboos in drinking juice beverage. What’s more, drinking high quality fruit juice is also important. AGICO is a professional fruit juice processing machinery supplier, as well as complete juice production line for different fruits. We can meet your specific demand for making various fruit processing products.

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