What's the difference between NFC juice and Traditional juice?


New fruit juice products take over the market

cold pressed juice

As the weather gets hotter, the beverage market ushers in a peak season. Rows of well-packaged juice on the supermarket shelves and in the freezers attract customers’ attention. In today’s drink market, there emerges a great many new products and categories. More and more fruit juices are advertised as “cold pressed”, “NFC juice” and other new concepts. These new juice products are rapidly taking over the market, dwarfing the traditional FC juice.

Compared with ordinary fruit juice, they are labeled with “NFC juice”, “100% fresh fruit juice” or “No addictives”. Usually, these products have less shelf life, which must be stored in cold environment. But the most conspicuous difference lies in the Price, which is much higher than traditional juice products.

NFC juice

As said by store manager, the fruit juice products enter the selling season since the end of March. In particular, the NFC juice introduced last year are in larger demand in the market. There is a growing number of customers who would like to pay more for “NFC juice” and “cold pressed juice”. With regard to NFC juice, the sale amount has doubled for several times.

Difference Between NFC juice and FC juice

As we all known, the juice products sold on the market are mainly NFC juice, reconstituted juice, juice beverages(pure juice content is more than 10%). Their price gap is so large that we can not help but wondering what superiority NFC juice have over traditional juice.

As a new category of fruit juice, NFC juice refers to juice Not From Concentrate, a technology that fill fresh fruit juice under low-temperature condition after pasteurized. The whole process is taken in cold chain system, which is a great deal of cost. NFC juice can preserve the freshness of juice as much as possible, but the shelf life is less than 45 days.

fruit juice products

In comparison, traditional fresh juice are reconstituted juice, called FC (from-concentrate) juice. After the juice is squeezed from fruits by juice extractor, it is dehydrated and sterilized at once, then added with water to become pure fresh juice. FC juice is convenient for preserve and transport. It can be stored under normal temperature for 1 year.

When it comes to their ingredient list, we can take orange juice for example. The NFC orange juice is made up of only orange juice, while FC orange juice contains concentrated orange juice and water. Besides, FC juice are usually added with sugar, edible essence, and other additives to improve the taste.

NFC juice and FC juice

A nutrition doctor advise customers to distinguish NFC juice from FC juice by the ingredient list. If there are no other ingredient except for fruit juice, that must be NFC juice. If fruit juice appears together with other ingredients like water and other food additives, it can not be NFC juice.

As the nutrition doctor indicates, eating fruits directly is more conducive for people to absorb the fruit nutrition content and dietary fibers. Drinking fruit juice can be seen as a supplement way, and juice drinks with less additives is more preferable.

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