The application of milk pasteurizer in milk processing industry


In today’s milk processing industry, pasteurization is a popular technology widely applied in milk sterilization. Milk pasteurizer machine is able to eliminate those pathogenic bacteria harmful to our health, and preserve milk quality as much as possible. Milk pasteurization machine works under the principle of tubercle bacillus destruction curve and cream separation thermal destruction curve. It can not only sterilize raw milk, but also plays a part in fermentation.

milk pasteurization machine

Usually, there are long-term low-temperature and short-term high-temperature treatments for processing raw milks. Low-temperature pasteurization, carried out under 60℃ within 30minutes, has long been a popular milk sterilization method. On the other hand, high-temperature pasteurization technology process raw milk at 95℃ for 20min. With better pasteurization effect, it sacrifice part of milk quality.

pasteurized milk

Generally speaking, most bagged milks have been processed by milk pasteurizer machine. Milk production process usually begins with fresh milk. It is gathered by factories and pre-processed under low-temperature, them undergo a series of pasteurization process. This description reveals the general principle of milk production, while the specific process is much more complex. Bagged milks produced in this way have longer shelf life.

It should be aware that drinking freshly gushed milk is far from safe. It is likely to contain bacteria harmful to our body. Meanwhile, pasteurization cannot relive your worry for good, the processed milk has to be stored in low-temperature condition, or it risk going bad. In this regard, many bagged milk sold on the market are improperly placed.

milk pasteurizer

Pasteurized milk is the dominant category in the global milk market. In UK, Australia, America and Canada, pasteurized milk takes up over 80% of the milk products, including full defatted milk, half defatted milk and whole milk. In America, almost all milks have been pasteurized, and they are packed in large bags, which can cover a family’s total milk consumption for a week. And you can hardly find any sterilized fresh milk there.

Pasteurized milk is popular around the world for it preserve the nutrition and flavor of fresh milk and eliminate bacteria in it. All you need is to preserve it under 4℃where the bacteria activities are inhibited, and you can get the milk with the same taste as days before.

milk pasteurizer machine

Currently, milk pasteurizer machine is applied for business purpose, and pasteurization is known as the general sterilization standard internationally. With the development of green food, more and more milk plats have introduced milk pasteurization machine for milk processing. For small-scale diary farm, 100ml or 200ml milk pasteurizer is cost-effective for making fresh pure milk. AGICO can supply you with high-efficiency milk pasteurization machine equipped with cold water cycling system.