How to process mango pulp with mango pulp machines?


Mango: the King of Tropical Fruit

Mango is a evergreen trees derived from India. It is rich in sugar, protein, fat, minerals, vitamin and crude fiver, and mango is unique for the high content of vitamin A and carotene. As a famous tropical fruit, it win people’ favor for the fine pulp and distinct taste, which has gain the name of “the King of Tropical Fruits”. Mango pulp is juicy and tasty, containing the tastes of peach, apricot and plum, eating mango pulp contributes to generate body fluid and relieve thirst, as well as prevent heat and vessel disease, brighten your eyesight and moisten your skin.


Mango pulp making machine

With such benefits, mangos are processed into a variety of products, such as mango pulp, mango juice and dried mango. And mango pulping become the most prevailing method for the simple process, high nutrition remain and high yield. The mango pulp processing includes mango cleaning, selecting, peeling and pitting, pulping, precook, blending, concentration, filling, sterilization and cooling. The mango pulp machine for pre-treatment includes fruit sorting machine, brush and spray cleaning machine, mango peeling and destoning machine, fruit pulping machine. AGICO can provide you with customized mango pulp processing plant to make high quality mango pulp at high efficiency.

mango peeling machine

Mango Pulp Processing Flow

Raw material treatment

In this process, we must separate superior, qualified and defective mangos with fruit sorting machine. Different quality are suitable for making varied end-products. To make mango pulp, the pectin and acid content should be around 1%. If the raw materials don’t reach this level, additional fruit pectin and acid is required. As for the selected mangos, they have to go through cleaning processes to remove the purities and pesticide residues.

mango pulp processing

Mango peeling and pitting

The interfusion of mango peel and core will greatly influence the taste of mango pulp, they must be removed completely before mango pulping. Our self-developed mango pulping and destoning machine is specialized in mango processing. It is able to peel and pit mango simultaneously, with the pulp recovery rate up to 99.5%. The equipment is made of stainless steel, remember to clean and sterilize it before mango processing.

Mango pulping

Under the function of crushing and centrifuging of mango pulping machine, mangos are processed into fluid form. The mango pulping machine adopts enclosed structure as a way to avoid mango pulp oxidation, thus preserving the taste and nutrition of the raw materials. The mango pulp made by this machine present uniform texture, high thickness and fine granule.

mango pulp

Mango pulp precook

Usually, crude mango pulp need heating to soften the content and promote its taste. Before heating please remember to clean the tools thoroughly. As you pour the mango pulp into the container, keep stirring it to let the pectin fully leak out. The temperature rise up high in the beginning. You have to limit the heating time to under 10 minutes, or the color would go dark and the taste would go bad.

Blending with batching

After heating and batching, the mango pulp can be added with certain proportion of batches. Generally, the pure mango pulp should take up 40%-50%. Among all batches, sugar is supposed to be 45%-60%, the quantity of fruit pectin and acid must be measured in line with raw materials. Add proper volume of pectin, agar and citric acid to make the pectin content in end products between 0.4% and 0.9%, and the acid content from 0.4% to 1.0%. The feeding sequence is syrup, pectin fluid and citric acid after 10-min heating.

mango pulp

Concentration process

Sweetening concentration refers to eliminate most of the water content in mango pulp by heating, so that the sugar, pectin and citrus acid are interpenetrate uniformly and thus improve the pulp texture and flavor.

concentrated mango pulp

Filling sterilization and cooling

After mango pulp is concentrated by heating, fill it into cans at once. Make sure the container is clean, sterilized by steam and the moisture is drained. Keep the temperature of cans over 40 ℃, and the temperature of pulp between 80℃ and 90℃ during filling process. The sterilization process is taken in steam environment for 5 to 10 minutes right after can sealing, then the cans are cooled to under 38℃.

Mango pulp processing plant is essential for massive production of mango pulp. AGICO is a professional manufacturer dedicated to mango, orange, pineapple, grape and other fruit processing machinery. The mango processing plant adopt scientific design, sustainable stainless steel, stable performance and handy operation, widely applies to various fruits. You can make high quality mango pulp and high profits with our mango pulp machines.

mango pulp in can
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