How to produce plant protein beverage?

Plant protein beverage production line is equipment for the production of vegetable protein drinks. You can see more details on the product page of plant protein beverage line.

Nutritive value of plant protein beverage

Due to the raw materials is different, the nutritional values of various vegetable protein drinks are also different. From a functional point of view, walnut juice beverage has the function of brain strengthening because of containing phospholipids, almond drink has the effect of moistening lung. While coconut Juice is suitable for nutrition supplement demand of men, women and children, because coconut is treasure all over the body, coconut meat contains protein, fructose, glucose, sucrose, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients.
According to an expert of a Technology Research Institute of Shanghai introduction, compared with the ordinary beverage, the content of protein and vitamin in plant protein beverage is higher. Parents buy vegetable protein drinks to children has become a fashion. Plant protein in coconut juice is a kind of high-quality plant protein with high biological value. 
How to produce plant protein beverage

Plant protein and animal protein

The United States Dr. Campbell is author of "Chinese health survey report", he wrote in the book,  after 10 years of Chinese health survey found that there was a significant relationship between the intake of more protein and tall body, but the effect was mainly from vegetable protein. The reports point out that the intake of animal protein is also significantly associated with tall and strong, but there is also a significant correlation with the rise of total cholesterol levels and bad cholesterol levels, as well as the incidence of cancer and coronary heart disease. However, plant protein can not only prevent obesity, but also make people grow up to the ideal body limit, and on the other aspects of the body is also very helpful. Plant proteins can effectively regulate blood cholesterol level, reduce the incidence of heart disease and various cancers.

Production principle of plant protein

Because the cell size, shape and chemical composition of each part of plant seeds are very different, the processing technology of vegetable protein beverage is more  complex. The different plant seeds are processed into protein beverage and their processing technologies are not the same. The same raw material can also be used in  different processing. However, the basic structure of plant seed kernel is similar, and the cell line is composed of protoplast and peripheral cell wall, so the plant  protein beverage has common character in processing. The processing of vegetable protein beverage is mainly determined by the nutritional value and functional  properties of various plant proteins. After soaking, crushing, grinding, homogenizing, sterilization and other processes, avoiding the isoelectric point and thermal  denaturation temperature of protein, and by adding various kinds of emulsion stabilizer, seeds finally become protein-fat, protein-lecithin or protein-fat-lecithin  uniform emulsion.
Production  of plant protein

Development prospect of plant protein

Plant protein beverage production is the trend of the future development tendency of the beverage industry, it's a healthier drink. Plant protein beverage has good  nutrition and health care function, and can be used as cold drink and hot drink. It is popular among consumers. Such as soy milk, peanut milk, coconut juice, almond  juice, etc. Plant protein resources are very rich, peanut, soybean, walnut, sunflower seeds are all good raw materials for the development of vegetable protein drinks.  Contact us to get equipment, you can produce high-quality protein beverage.