5 tips help you choose suitable fruit washing machine


How to choose fruit washing machine?

With the improvement of people’s life, we pay more attention to health and hygiene. Fruit washing machine plays an important role in family life and industrial production, ensuring pollution-free fruits and vegetables for us. Therefore, choosing fruit cleaning machine with good performance and durability is of great significance.

testing fruit bubble washine machine
  1. Make sure the cleaning quality of fruit washer meet your requirement. Qualified fruit washing machine should show stable cleaning effect. We’d better choose those with ozone cleaning function, because ozone plays an important part in fruit cleaning, sterilization and preservation.
  2. Pay attention to the mechanical damage done by fruit cleaning machine. Superior fruit washing machine does as much as less damage to fruits, and avoids secondary pollution as much as possible.
  3. Care about the environmental protection effect. High quality fruit washing machine can prevent or dramatically reduce the destroy to environment by its waste water, noise and exhaust gas.
  4. Choose fruit washing machine with high working efficiency, thus reducing the workload of labors. In addition, to guarantee the safety and physical health of workers, the machine should ensure favorable working environment.
  5. Condition allowing, take into account the machines’ appearance. We recommend you to purchase fruit washer with attractive appearance and sophisticated manufacturing technology. And there should be enough space in the washing tank.
fruit washer structure

4 common types of fruit washer

According to different scope of application, fruit washer can be divided into 4 major types. AGICO can supply you with high quality brush and spray fruit cleaning machine and fruit bubble washing machine. They can achieve satisfactory cleaning effect and do no damage to raw materials.

Drum fruit washing machine

It adopts washing barrel equipped with spiral plate and brush. The drive system adopts worm and gear structure. It features steady operation, reliable performance and high efficiency, suitable for cleaning dried fruits, beans and leafless vegetables.

Brush and spray fruit cleaning machine

This type of fruit cleaning machine is composed of feed hopper, washing pool, sedimentation tank, hair brush, water sprayer, water pump, outlet hopper and rack. There are multiple steps to ensure cleanliness. The cleaning process includes water spray, brushing, bailing out and re-spray. It is good at eliminating impurity contained on fruits. During the cleaning process, the brush and spray keep rotating and clean the fruits in every direction.

Brush and spray fruit cleaning machine

Fruit bubble washing machine

Fruit bubble washing machine is also called fruit surfing washing machine. There is a blower inside the machine that tumbles the water. As the water flow runs swiftly, the dirt on raw materials are washed out, and the surface get scoured. Fruit bubble washing machine does no damage to the fruit surface.

The following are main features of AGICO bubble washing machine

  • There is a circular water pump supplying flowing water with high pressure
  • Washing water can be recycled after filtration
  • Washing pool adopts 1.5 stainless steel. Drive shaft is made of 1cr13 stainless steel.
  • The height of this fruit washer machine matches other AGICO fruit processing equipments.
Fruit bubble washing machine

Ultrasonic-ozone fruit cleaning machine

It is composed of rinse tank, ultrasonic system, ozone water treatment system, inlet and outlet system, control system and cabinet body. It achieve clean effect through ultrasonic vibration and radiation. Besides, ozone is effective in fruit sterilization.