Maintenance and adjustment of fruit washers


Fruit washer , as the name implies, is mainly used to wash fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables we eat every day is protected by pesticides in their growing time. Simply washing by water is far from enough, therefore, fruit washer functions as a fruit processing machinery to achieve cleanliness. AGICO also manufactures bubble washing machine and brush and spray cleaning machine, which adopt high quality stainless steel materials and mature structure to achieve high cleaning efficiency.

The necessity of fruit washer maintenance

As a widely applied fruit processing machinery, it can save time and energy, but we need to maintain on time to maximize its efficiency. Moreover, frequent maintenance is conducive to extend the service time of fruit processing equipments. Here comes the question: How to upkeep fruit washer in proper manners? You can follow the following ways to maintain and adjust fruit washing machines.
fruit washing machine

Chains adjustment

After the electric motor stops, you can test the tightness of chains by pressing the middle of them with your fingers. Under normal circumstance, the elastic range is between 4mm to 9mm. If the deformation is beyond the range, you need adjust the idle gear to fasten the chain.

Transmission maintenance

To inspect, refuel or replace transmission gearboxes, you need first shut down the drive motor, then remove the inspection plug. Add oil if there is insufficient. Make sure all these procedure are taken under no smoking condition.

Belt adjustment

After the electric motor stops, put your fingers on the belt and press it. If the compress range is between 7mm to 12mm, the belt is in normal state, otherwise, you have to adjust the idle gear to standard tightness.
fruit washer

Preservation of long-term unused fruit washer

If you are going to lay a fruit washer aside for a long time, you’d better wash the dirt off and wipe up the machine. Remove debris attached to the belts and chains. Oil the rotating components and friction parts in case of rust.

The function of ozone in fruit washing machine

During fruit washing process, the ozonator is powered on and continually produces ozone. The ozone gas is transmitted to washing tanks by gas piping. Ozone water is made by dissolving ozone gas in water. It plays an important role in sterilization, disinfection and degrading pesticide.
fruit washing process

  • Degrade pesticides, hormones and toxins: ozone possess strong oxidability. It can oxidize pesticides and hormones molecular chains immediately, and convert them into steady and inorganic compounds. The monotonic elements in ozone can penetrate cell walls of virus and bacteria so as to achieve disinfection effects.
  • Separate heavy metal ions: the oxygen atom in ozone can oxidize heavy metal ion dissolved in water to insoluble nontoxic compounds and separate them out.
  • Retain freshness and deodorize: ozone water or gas can help extend the refreshing time of fruits and vegetables. Ozone gas can also deodorize the disgusting smell in bathrooms and kitchens.