What can fruit washing machine do for you?


The functions of fruit washing machine

As a major part of fruit processing line,Fruit washer machine is widely used in all kinds of fruit cleaning. Some people may wonder how much effect the fruit washers can take. The following are main functions of them.

  • Fruit washer can eliminate the pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables. The washing ingredient in the machine can rinse the raw materials effectively.
  • Fruit cleaning machine can sterilize fruits and vegetables. Some fruit cleaner are equipped with Ultraviolet sterilization system, which can kill most common kinds of bacteria, and prevent them from causing stomach disease.
  • Fruit washer machine can remove the impurities on fruits. Every fruit products are stained with impurities such as dust and dirt as they are picked. The water spray and brush can eliminate the impurities effectively.

The necessity of fruit washer machine

In recent years, food safety issue has arouse wide public attention. Air pollution and application of pesticides leave pollutant and toxic residue on fruits. They are covered by heavy metal elements, chemical components, dust and mites. Traditional cleaning can only clear away a part of hazardous substance, which is far from thorough cleaning.

fruit washer can remove the pesticide residue on fruits

Fruit washer machine is designed to solve this problem, it aims to clean fruit thoroughly and remove the pesticide residue. With the increasing demand for fruit washing equipments, AGICO developed professional fruit washers for various fruit cleaning. They can liberate you from heavy cleaning work, as well as satisfy your demand for clean and healthy fruit. In terms of fruit juice production, qualified fruit washing machine is a guarantee for wholesome fruit juice.

Where can fruit cleaning machine be used?

Fruit cleaning machine can be used to clean fruits, vegetables, fungi and seafood, etc. When using fruit cleaner, you can add some medicaments or disinfectants to achieve sterilization and fixation effects. Besides, fruit washer can be matched with ozone sterilization system, or equipped with a steam pipeline or electric heat pipe, with which you can control the temperature and realize defrost and de-enzyme function.

brush and spray fruit cleaning machine

Structure and workflow of fruit washer machine

Fruit washing machine is composed of water tank, elevator, recycle rinse pump and drive system. During rinse process, the fruits are tumbling fiercely under water pressure. The washing water is pumped into the feed port after filtrated, and rinse the raw materials once again. As the spray pipe is adjustable, they pushed raw materials toward the outlet. There are scraper elevator that bring them up to the next procedure. Sometimes there is another spray thrower on the elevator for future cleaning. According to different materials it is processing, the elevating scheme is diverse.

fruit washer machine structure
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