How much do you know about fruit juice production technology?


How to solve the problem of fruit juice production technology?

At present, pure fruit juice drinks are springing up all over the world, and large and small juice factories have sprung up. This enables people do not need to walk into the garden of fruits and  wait for the season of fruit ripening, they can easily taste the flavor of various fruit drinks at home. For fruit juice manufacturers, how to solve the problem of fruit juice is a new topic for production technology.

fruit juice production technology

Selection of fruit raw materials

If manufacturers directly choose fit maturity and the sweetest fresh fruit to process fruit juice, this will be complicated and has a lot of trouble, so we can choose the concentrated juice and jam produced by large manufacturers to process fruit juice. This will be simple and convenient, the quality is guaranteed.

From raw materials, we should pay attention to every batch of raw materials on production, and the source should be consistent. If the raw material extraction process is not well handled, it will lead to higher content of coarse fiber and is easy to cause precipitation. Fruit juice with fruit and pulp is very important to maintain uniform texture. To stabilize the suspended solids, it is necessary to reduce the settling speed to zero as far as possible.

Avoid heating as much as possible

The production of juice drinks should avoid heating as much as possible. Almost all of the fruit juices will suffer from hot odor and nutritional loss when heated at high temperature. For avoiding the loss of fruit juice nutrition and flavor, the method of high pressure and normal temperature sterilization is required.

Selection of fruit raw materials

Proper addition of vitamin C

Vitamin C is added to replace the loss of itself vitamin C. Due to breakage, grinding, homogenization, heating and other processes, all these lead to loss of vitamin C in fruit juice. A proper addition of 1/10000 vitamin C can not only protect colors and anti-oxidize, but also protect the fruit juice from the effect of loss.

Half or less amount of essence trademark instruction dosage

The production of juice drinks is generally added to the same flavor as its own fragrance, but the amount should not be too large. The dosage is generally half or less amount of essence trademark instruction dosage. Passiflora is also called passion fruit, also known as the fruit "monosodium glutamate". Adding 2% to 4% of passion fruit juice (When making the juice of passion fruit, do not heat more than 90 degrees centigrade, preferably cold. ). Without adding flavor, after high pressure homogenization, the flavor of the product is also very strong.

Control of finished products total acidity and pH value

Controlling the total acidity of the finished product between 0.4% and 0.6% and controlling the pH value in 3.7 - 3.9 is not only a measure to adjust the taste, improve the flavor, but also play a major role in the production of commercial sterility by pasteurization.

A moderate amount of stabilizers

In actual production, the sugar degree of fruit juice is generally controlled between 10 and 120Brix. For the suspended beverage containing flesh and fruit pellet, it is not enough to suspend the suspended solids with a larger density at this sugar level. Therefore, a proper amount of stabilizers should be added. In most cases, the selection and use of good stabilizers and the appropriate proportions are the key to the effect of the pulp suspension, because the use of stabilizers and the mismatch ratio are easy to cause the product to be stratified and precipitated during the shelf life.