10 secretes you don't know about fruit juice


Fresh fruit juice seems have the closest relation with pure fruit, usually seen as the substitute for fresh fruits. But do they have the same nutrition as fruits? What has happened in fruit juice extraction. There are 10 secrets you don’t know about fruit juice.
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The nutrition in fruit juice is less than fruits

Fresh fruits are rich in pectin and fibers, which are removed during juice extraction process. Although fruit juice retains the sugar, potassium and anthocyanin of fruits, the calcium and organic acid are lost or get oxidized. Further more, for some fruits with less vitamin C content, like apple, the juicing process can eliminate these content completely.

To this concern, fresh fruit juice can not take the place of pure fruits. But for nowadays people, drinking juice is much more convenient and refreshing. With the progress of juice production technology, we have reduced the nutrition loss in fruit juice. High quality fruit juice does good to your health.

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Is juice made from nutritious fruit more beneficial?

This is true for most of the time. For instance, citrus fruit juice are richer in vitamin C. But when it comes to juice making, companies usually add extra nutritious contents in it. You can refer to the labels to figure out what substance it contain. It’s common to see some apple juice and grape juice contains vitamin C, while the same category of other brands doesn’t contain any.

Nutrition content is influenced by the container

This may sound absurd. But many nutrition content can break down when exposed to oxygen. If the fruit juice is packaged in small containers, it is more likely to be exposed to the air during packaging process.

Is 100% fruit juice real?

As a matter of fact, there is no absolute 100% pure juice in the market. Because pure fruit juice is hard to preserve, they usually go bad within 8 hours at normal temperature. Generally, producers will reduce the concentration rate and add additives to extend the shelf life of bottled juice.

According to sales man, 100% fruit juice isn’t equal to original juice. It means without any additives. They use aseptic treatment and refrigeration to concentrate pure fruit  juice, then restore it to the original concentration by adding water. Though reconstituted juice are not pure juice, it can retain more nutrition with high processing technology than the juice you extract at home.

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There isn’t much fruit content in juice drinks

There is no doubt that water is the dominant content in juice beverage. According to national standard, as long as the juice concentration rate is more than 10%, it can be called juice drink. Since 10% fruit juice is not as tasty as pure juice, producers will add artificial flavoring and coloring to improve the taste and concentration. Additives at required amount is permitted, but they are not as nutritious as fresh fruit juice.

Don’t keep the fruit juice in fridge for too long

Sales man usually recommend you to drink up the juice the day when you open it. Because once the juice is exposed to the air, it lose nutrition rapidly. Keeping them in fridge is also uninsured. For sterile pineapple and citrus juice, their nutrition can be preserved for 7-10 days in sealed state. Other low-acidity juice like apple and grape, fridge can retain their nutrition for one week when they are opened. As for unsterile fruit juice, you must drink it within one week.

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Be carful of Unsterilized fruit juice

Unsterilized fruit juice is not so dangerous to healthy adults. But when it comes to children, the aged and people with low immunity, the noxious bacteria can do harm to their health. To purchase fruit drink through regulated channels can avoid this. Most packaged fruit juice in supermarket is sterilized, but those in farmers’ market are not guaranteed. Be careful of the juice products you are going to buy.

Clean the fruits before extraction

Nowadays, many people choose to extract fruit juice at home. Fresh fruit juice retains the original flavor and nutrition of the fruits. But before extracting, make sure the raw materials are clean enough. You can rinse them with warm water to effectively remove the bacteria. Condition permitting, we recommend you to use specialized fruit cleaning agent.

Mixed fruit juice is another choice

Mixed fruit juice is an emerging category in the market. It is a combination of more than 2 kinds of juices, providing people with nutrition from different fruits. Mixing different fruits can create new flavor, and the vitamin content is more diverse and balanced. You can make mixed fruit juice with food processer at home.

Don't be too dependent on fruit juice

Drinking fruit drink can supplement certain amount of nutrition and calories, but it cannot take the place of eating fruits directly. Because juice doesn’t contains fiber, which is adverse to our digestion. It’s reported by Daily Mail that over juice intake increase the risk of getting diabetes. It benefits our body to eat 400g fruits and vegetables everyday.

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