Seeing the direction of fruit juice beverage machinery market


Seeing the direction of fruit juice beverage machinery market from the recent beverage products

The time is turned to June, and the air is filled with hot smell. From previous years, the sale of fruit juice beverages will show an explosive growth trend. New fruit juice beverages are also emerging to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Today, let's take a few new drinks as examples to see the direction of the fruit juice beverage machine market.

Upgraded cold chain equipment for short insurance beverage

A beverage production company released that cold chain equipment for short insurance beverage needs to be upgraded. The company first released three beverages, three of which need to be refrigerated and kept for less than a month. In people's cognitive system, short warranty products are closely related to "fresh" and "less additive" information. The company is intending to force the fresh drink market. Speaking of fresh drinks, the fresh fruit juice is a strong competitor. Faced with this phenomenon, the company priced the new product below RMB ten yuan, which is generally lower than the fresh fruit juice.

The characteristic of fresh juice is made in the field, the "freshness" in the minds of consumers is unshakable. But for bottled beverages, freshness is still a good selling point. Taking fruit juice as an example, after the emergence of NFC (non concentrated juice reduction) and HPP (ultra-high pressure cold pressed juice) and other technical equipment, people see the "fresh" market in the juice beverage market. The chilled tea released by the company adopts cryogenic cold bubble extraction. After the tea is picked, it is necessary to finish the tea production in a day. The short time of production ensures the freshness of the products. At the same time, it requires that the food machinery and equipment increases the production efficiency. In addition, these drinks use cold chain logistics to carry out logistics transportation. Further requirements for cold chain logistics transport capacity are made.

Favored full automatic production line of fruit juice cold tea

There are many enterprises in the cold tea market. In the increasingly fierce competition, how to stand out has become a difficult problem for many enterprises. A Chinese enterprise starts with raw materials. Using fruit juice as the raw material of cold tea, it gallops on the road of healthy drinks. The company also put in a full line of automatic production line for herbal tea, which is ready for large-scale production in the future. 

With people's concern about food health, health has become one of the main themes of beverages. As a healthy drink, herbal tea has gradually become a competitive category among many brands in recent years. In the case of enough market maturity, the company launched the category of juice tea as a new product. To a certain extent, the company has grasped the demand for healthy drinks in the market. The use of automatic production line equipment in production can not only improve the production efficiency of fruit juice cold tea, but also reduce the intervention of artificial beverage production process, and increase the safety of beverage production.

High attention degree to alcohol beverage production equipment

In the beverage industry, alcoholic beverage is also a category that we have to say. Alcoholic beverages include fermented wine, distilled liquor, formulated wine, etc. In the production process, we need to use alcoholic fermentation tank, alcohol filling machine and other equipment. 

In the current beverage market, equipment automation, intelligence and production efficiency is the focus of attention. Juice processing enterprises need to buy advanced juice production machinery to adapt to the market. Contact us for buying fruit juice machinery.