Cold pressed juice: better taste and higher nutrition value


In recent years, apart from fresh squeezed juice, there emerges a new juice category called “cold pressed juice”. Up to now, it has become the most popular juice pressing technology in Europe and America. The whole process is carried out under low temperature, and the juice are pressed by high pressure from fruits and vegetables. The juice processed by cold press technology can retain the original vitamins and mineral substances in fruits, and contains less calories. With such advantages, cold pressed juice has won favors from more and more people.

cold pressed juice and fresh juice

Differences between cold pressed juice and fresh juice

When comparing cold pressed juice with fresh squeezed juice? What’s their specific difference? Which one has higher value of nutrition?

As we all known, common fresh fruit juice is made by cutting the fruits and vegetables by a high-speed rotating blade. During this process, the fruit cells are inevitably exposed to the air, which can become a heat source and destroy the enzymes within them. What’s more, fruit and vegetable pulps are apt to get oxidized for multiple times connection with air.

By contrast, cold pressed fruit juice is extracted by high pressure. In this way the cell wall of the fruits and vegetables are damaged in a much milder way, thus they can retain more nutrition contents. As mentioned by Max Gerson, the father of naturopathy, cold press technology is able to raise the extraction rate of certain kinds of nutrients, and keep the enzymes from destruction. therefore, cold pressed juice presents strong and better taste.

commercial cold press juice

Superiorities of cold pressed juice

Nutrition content is the prominent advantage of cold pressed juice. Cold pressing can effective avoid the juice oxidization when connecting with air, thus retaining the fine taste and abundant nutrients in fruit juice. Ordinary fresh fruit juice have to be drank within 1 hour, or it can get oxidized and lose most of the nutrition, while cold pressed fruit juice can last for 3 days in cold environment without any nutrition loss.

cold pressed vegetable juice

When is the best time to drink cold pressed juice?

Actually, there is no such a right time best for drinking cold pressed juice. You are free to drink it at any time just like traditional fruit juice. To be exact, drinking cold pressed juice at different time has different impact on our bodies.

Drinking a cup of cold pressed fruit juice can supplement the water we lose during sleeping time, meanwhile, the vitamins in fruits and vegetables is refreshing and nourishing. If you choose to drink cold pressed juice in lunch or tea time, it is conducive to supplement the energy and vitamins we need. This also works when it comes before and after exercise. It can also supplement the vitamin, fibers and minerals we have lost in daytime.

How to make cold pressed juice on your own?

A set of cold pressed juice machine is enough for you to realize at home. But you have to be cautious of the raw materials. Although most of the fruits and vegetables on the market can be used to make cold pressed juice, some fruits like mango, cantaloupe, peach and banana are not suitable for extraction for the lack of water content. Besides, pineapples, celery and ginger are easy to get stuck in fruit juice machine for they contains sticky and thick fibers.
make cold pressed juice

Technology Details of Cold Pressing

Cold pressing is a brand new technology that extract pure fruit juice with high hydraulic pressure under low temperature, which can preserve the freshness of fruit juice. This is also the way that high-end olive oil are extracted. Cold pressed juice machine usually adopts hydraulic system, which can separate fruit juice and pomace perfectly by slow squeezing.