Why do we need high quality fruit sorting machine?


The development of fruit sorting machine

With the development of agriculture technology and improvement of people’s life, people have more access to various fruits, and pay more attention to fruit quality. To control the fruit product quality, we need to sort them before processing. Fruit sorting machine is used to sort fruits based on their size and quality, so that they can be packaged into different groups for selling or further processing. Sorting fruits are effective way to distinguish the values of different fruits, preserve their freshness, and increase market price.

sorting apples with fruit grading machine

So far, many fruit grading machines are complicated in structure, mainly used in large-scale fruit production line. The high cost and low sorting efficiency makes them unsuitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). What’s more, traditional fruit grading machines usually distribute fruits according to their weight, while fruits are more measured by size and texture in agricultural products bases. There remains enormous demand for low-cost and small-sized fruit sorter machines.

According to different fruit detection criteria, fruit sorting machine can select fruits depend on their size, weight, appearance and internal quality. Currently, weight and size sorting machine dominate the market. The sorting process is carried out with the help of manual work. But manual sorting is not efficient or accurate enough. Nowadays, many domestic and foreign researchers are committed to developing efficient automatic fruit sorter.

fruit sorter can sort spherical and oval fruits

Structure and workflow of fruit sorter

Fruit sorting machine is composed of the following components: rack, gear reducer and housing, conveying chain, rolling bar, outlet hopper, draw-in bolts and baffles, driving and driven shaft, driving and driven sprocket, reducer sprocket, etc.

Fruit grading machine is applicable to spherical and oval fruits and vegetables selection. Workers put raw materials trough a vertical feed port. Under gravity force, they spread out on the rolling bar in sequence. Because rolling bar is connected with the non-metal track, they keep moving forward in horizontal direction and rotating at the same time. The raw materials thus rotate right along and move to the next procedure. During their movement, there are staffs picking out unqualified fruits. This is how they ensure fruits quality.

fruit sorter work flow

Features of AGICO fruit sorting machine

  1. This fruit sorter adopts rollers and mesh belts to connect screwless device, effectively avoiding equipment damages caused by screws drop.
  2. The scraper is made of stainless steel, smooth and steady for transporting raw materials, and has long life span.
  3. The chains are equipped with tightening device, adjustable whenever you need.
  4. Stainless steel sprockets and bearing ensure long service life and the cleanliness of fruits and other raw materials.
  5. The electric motor is covered by stainless steel shield, which is water proof.
  6. The whole frame adopts superior stainless steel, solid and durable, with nice looking.
fruit sorting machine details
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