Operation and maintenance of fruit processing machine

examing fruit processing machine
Fruit processing machinery plays a decisive role in juice production. The performance and service life of the machine is crucial for the tasty and safety of the fruit juice. In order to keep a stable working performance and achieve a longer service life, the correct operation and maintenance of the fruit processing machinery is the top issue that staff should keep in mind. Here are some key points you should pay attention to in machine operation and maintenance.

Hygiene in operation

Production of food always demands the highest possible degree of safety as to hygiene in operation. As we all know, fruit processing machine is used to produce healthy juice, thus, the hygiene of operation should be on the No.1 list. 
Before put into real use, all the parts of the machine should be thoroughly cleaned, removing the protective oil on the surface. After cleaning, use dry and clean towel or washcloth to clean the residual moisture. In daily operation, the in time cleaning is also important in guaranteeing the hygiene of fruit juice machine operation. 
Besides, in the workshop, large scale of juice production will also produce fruit material waste or other industrial waste. Working staff should do regular garbage collection and waste cleaning to ensure a clean fruit processing machine operation.
clean juice processing plant

Working condition of equipment

In daily operation, the working condition of juice making machinery should be paid close attention. Each machine has its own feature, if overlooking the actual detailed functioning problems, the potential risk will affect the quality of fruit processing and juice making. 

Maintenance of conveyor belt

Here, the maintenance of conveyor belt of the processing machine is of great importance. Conveyor belt is widely used in many fruity processing machines, such as fruit sorting machine, fruit elevating machine, and so on. Thus, the good working performance of the conveyor belt matters more. 
  • Avoid direct sunlight and rain and contact with acid, alkali, oil and other organic solvent in the transporting and storage of conveyor belt. 
  • Conveyor belt of different type and specifications should not be connected together to use. 
  • It is suggested that the transporting speed should not faster than 2.5m/s. Big and friction fruit material should be conveyed with lower speed. 

Normal check of the machine

When the machine is just bought, operation staff should check the complete machinery, from the whole frame to the spare part. In the later normal maintenance, the spare part should be regularly checked to make sure the all the spare part are tightly installed to the machine. The connecting part should be lubricated regularly. Furthermore, test the machine to see if it stands stable on the ground, to ensure a stable fruit processing performance. If there is anything wrong with the machine, turn off the power as soon as possible. Examine the problem and restart the wok again when all the problems are settled. 

Maintenance for storage of season changing

Season change is also a significant factor that will have certain effects on juice processing machinery. So the maintenance of machinery storage during season change should be given special attention. Improper operation will cause harm to the machine. 
First of all, complete washing is an dispensable part during season change maintenance. The whole set of machine should be kept in a cool and dry condition, protecting the fruit processing machine from rusted. And maintain the machine according to the instructions. 
fruit processing
Generally speaking, correcting operation and maintenance will guarantee a long-lasting and better working performance. Therefore, please read the instructions of the machine carefully, aware of the operation methods. Use the fruit processing machine strictly according to the instructions and the above steps. Besides, AGICO provide professional operation training for our customers. Any problem about the operation and maintenance of the machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be very glad to help you!