Bucket Elevator

Fruit Elevator Introduction

Fruit elevtor
Fruit elevator is used to convey the fruits from flumes to the washing channel. With smooth scraping baffle and water-penetrating structure, fruits can be easily transported to the washing channel without sliding outside.

Fruit Elevator Features

  • It fits to transfer and lift the fruits and vegetables.
  • This machine is equipped with stepless speed variation motor, with adjustable speed.
  • The model of transfer and lift can be made to order, divided into complete stainless steel connected plate, food level plastic line board, and food level compound robber belt.
  • The sprayer and water collector can be added according to needs.
Fruit Elevator Technical Parameters
Model Project
BSJ-2 BSJ-5 BSJ-10
Production capacity(T/h) 2 5 10
Power(KW) 0.75 0.75 1.5
Size(mm) 3000*600*2500 3000*850*2500 3000*950*2500

Fruit conveyor