Juice Double Filter Instruction

The juice double filter is composed of two steel columns, with interior and exterior polishing. It is applicable to purifying solid impurities which are invisible to the naked eye in fruit juice, beverage and sugar liquid etc. The two filters are alternately used. The filter mesh can be replaced without stopping the machine, so it is suitable for continuous production. The material of the equipment is SS304. Both of the two cylinders’ inside and outside surface is polished. On the top of the filter, there is air vent valve which can bleed the air when the filter working.

Juice Double Filter Features

  • Filters for inline installation.
  • Extremely large filter area.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Special highly efficient filter media.
  • Versatile applications.
Technical Parameters of Juice Double Filter

Model Filter area(㎡) Capacity(t) Outlet Diameter(mm) Filter Temp(℃) Pressure(Mpa)
JDF-5 0.15 5 32 ≤120 0.2
JDF-10 0.3 10 40 ≤120 0.2

juice double filter