Grape Destemmer Crusher

Introduction of Grape Destemmer Crusher

grape crusher destemmer
Grape destemmer crusher is a special equipment to deal with fresh grape. It is used to separate the grape from the stems and then to process the grape in order to get the juice which can be processed into wine. What's more,  It can carry out the process of separate peduncle, destem, crush and pulp conveying. It is mainly used as a preliminary processing equipment of small and medium-sized wineries. Generally, grape destemmer crusher composed of three different functional parts, namely the reception hopper, the rollers and the destemming area. Our company supplies grape destemmer crusher according to your requirement.
grape destemmer crusher used to extrude the  stems

Parameter of Grape Crusher Destemmer

Model Capacity(t/h) Diameter(mm) Clearance between roll(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Size(mm)
J CP-5 5-6 20-35 3-15 5.25 578 1816*710*1352
J CP-10 7-10 20-35 3-15 8.8 765 2240*864*1574
J CP-20 15-20 20-35 3-15 12.6 935 2590*910*1620
J CP-30 25-30 20-35 3-15 22 1025 3100*1040*1780