Fruit Sorting Machine

Rolling Rail Fruit Sorting Machine Introduction

Fruit sorting machine
Fruit sorting machine is necessary machine for pre-treatment of fruits, and widely used to manually extracting of fruits after washing. After being cleaned and sorted, the fruits are of much higher quality and more sanitary.

Fruit Sorting Machine Application

The fruit sorting machine is suitable to the sorting of apple, carrot, strawberry, blackberry, onion, and other fruits.

Rolling Rail Fruit Sorting Machine Features

  • The fruits can tumble freely on the roller by the rotation and revolution designing.
  • The fruits can be more sanitary and clean with the second time spray cleaning
  • Special motor shield and oil collecting plate and floor type oil guide pipe designing can guarantee the sanitary of the fruit and increase the water-proof effect of motor.
  • The flotsam can be conveyed by the waste material conveyor belt and then go into the receiving tank. The fruits sorter machine runs stability and easy to operate.
  • The machine material is stainless steel and with perfect surface, firm and durable structure.
Rolling Rail Fruit Sorting Machine Technical Parameters
Model Power(KM) production capacity (T/H) Size(mm)
GXJ-2 0.55 1-2 3000×600×1200
GXJ-5 0.75 2-5 3500×700×1200
GXJ-10 1.5 5-10 4000×850×1200
GXJ-15 2.2 10-15 5000×1000×1200
GXJ-20 3.0 15-20 6000×1200×1200