Double Screw Extractor for Grape

Introduction Of Double Screw Continuous Extractor for Grape 

double screw extractor for grape

Double screw continuous extractor for grape is used for extracting grape by crushing and then through the separator residue after the separation of the skin, hot brew method bran and fermented bran in the juice. And grape crushing machine is suitable for squeezing the slag of fermentative grapes or other fruits with high fiber content.
grape juice

Features Of Grape Screw Type Juice Extractor

  • Low rotation squeezing with high juice yield. 
  • Slag pressure and humidity are adjustable.
  • The part in touch with raw material is of qualified stainless steel SUS304.

Technical Parameters Of Grape Crushing Machine

Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Slag pressure
1.5 5.5 1100 Adjustable by manual
5 7.5 2500 Adjustable by hydraulic
10 11 2950 Adjustable by hydraulic