Ultrafiltration System Application

Ultrafiltration system has been designed for use with food and fruit juices processing technology. And mainly used for filtering juices such as apple, pear, berry, tomato, pineapple and stone fruit juices, as well as fruit wine; debitterizing and clarification of orange juice; clarification and concentration of vegetable extract juice, concentration of tea beverage, etc.

Ultrafiltration System principle

Ultrafiltration is a pressurized membrane separation technology, namely under certain pressure, make a small molecule solute and solvent through a certain aperture of a special film, and make the macromolecular solute can't through, stay in the film, which results the macromolecular material part of the purification.

Ultrafiltration System Construction

Ultrafiltration system consist of tubular ultrafiltration modules, circulation pumps, boost pumps, automatic control system, CIP cleaning system, feeding system, stainless steel cooling equipment, Precision filtering device, racks and other accessories.
Utrafiltration of fruit juice

Ultrafiltration System Features

  • Feed is fruit or vegetable juices that after pre-filter (such as disc centrifuge), and the content of solid material can not too high.
  • System recovery rate is high, the products are of good quality, which can realize high efficient separation and purification of the material and multiple enrichment.
  • System, low energy consumption, short production cycle, compared with the traditional process equipment, equipment operation cost is low, can effectively reduce the production cost, improve enterprise economic benefits
  • Material systems used in health level tube valve, the clean health, satisfy the requirement of GMP and FDA production specification.
  • Ultrafiltration membrane is of excellent quality and reliable rejection of microorganisms and viruses.