Fruit Crusher Machine

Fruit Crusher Machine Application

The fruit crusher machine is used for crushing various kinds of fruits and vegetables, including tomato, apple, pear, onion, chili, strawberry, blackberry and carrot, etc, and crushing raw materials into small diameter particles, convenient the operation of the next step.
Fruit Crusher Machine

Fruit Crusher Machine Features

  • The fruit and vegetable crushing machine structure is hammer slice type so the crusher can not damage the seed and guarantee the color and flavor.
  • Closed form hopper type designing to avoid the splashing of the material which can make the material crush adequately.
  • The fruit and vegetable crusher receiving tank is made of stainless steel. It also be installed full- auto liquid level controller to protect and balance the pretreatment equipment.
  • The fruit and vegetable crusher runs stability and easy to operate. The material is stainless steel and with perfect surface, firm and durable.
Fruit Crushing Machine Technical  Parameters
Model production capacity(T/H) Power(kw) Size(mm)
CPJ-20 20 30 1830×1100×2500
CPJ-10 10 15 1280×1100×2035
CPJ-5 5 7.5 1130×850×1850
CPJ-2 2 3 1000×600×1500